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I am an artist and writer. I love to draw and write stories species White tail Stag
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 25 Mar 2014

Anybody wanna do one with me? Contact me if you want to.

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Cederwyn Whitefurr 1 year ago
Such a pleasure to finally meet another deer!
AaronWerewolf 1 year ago
hello :3
HolidayPup 1 year ago
it's awesome! thanks so much! I love it
deerdigger 1 year ago
welcome. Now I will make one for you to color.
HolidayPup 1 year ago
actually the character you're using is milo not my main fursona character but still one of my favorites and either way is fine. whatever you prefer
HolidayPup 1 year ago
same here bro <3
HolidayPup 1 year ago
thanks so much for the watch
Solarian 1 year ago
*jumps and and down in joy* Here's your end of the stick. ;D
you've deffinantly improved since last year, I finally got all the stuff I needed to draw (Money was tight) So as you did me one last year I'll do you one
deerdigger 1 year ago
oh thank you. :)
Ipex 1 year ago
OMG hello its been ages, how the heck are you
Chance Prowlers 1 year ago