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Latest Journal posted 08 Jan 2014

It has been nearly two weeks since the supposed release date of the Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter apps. And not even 24 hours into the release date, Nintendo had to take them down due to issues with the servers. Now Japan has gotten the app back already. But when the hell with the rest of the globe get the app? There are numerous pokemon in my previous gen games that I want to bring over but cant. And I refuse to go through the GTS and look for the very rare trainer asking for a reasonable pokemon in return when I can simply get them from the app. Frankly, I find this very concerning. The app had a 30 day trial period so that players can see if it is something they want to invest whatever currency it would cost them to keep it active. It will be a major slap to the rest of the world that doesnt have the app for the promised trial period. And I for one will be very disappointed and pissed if the trial period for the app is not extended to make up for the serious error on their part.

Now that I...

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