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I'm secretly a night-elf in real life. A quirky night-elf as night-elves go. I just wear a hood to cover my ears. . . . .

species Gargoyle
gender male from Around, U.S.
loves Athletic, B-snakes, First Person 116 submissions 2 roleplay characters 57,427 page views 1,150 comments received 4,584 comments posted 25,280 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 09 Feb 2014

Waiting; hiding; held prisoner by the shackles you put around me. After ten thousand years I will not let it end like this. This...sickness is infuriating. It makes my blood boil too much to endure. By day, I seperate what you see from myself--I walk with an unnoticable hunch, I do what works best for the company I'm in, I make people happy, and I don't fight back as hard as I'd often like. I do it for what; for a job? I do it for money and a roof over my head? What is it that is so hard about making my own shelter, building my own walls, and gathering my own food? Is it that this planet is so over-populated and over-controled that I can't build a permanent home, or occupy a vacant cave without being harrassed by some for of over-ruling government? Why do I bother? I'm no good at being a "professional" and I don't want to be a professional. I grew up thinking I could be anything I want to be, and be damn sure I know how to try. When I grow up, I want to be a monster. I don't mind having a profession, or a ...

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by DJGoo    2 months ago    
REALLY COOL drum warm-up!
by DJGoo    3 months ago    
29.14 Hertz
by DJGoo    3 months ago    
Blender unfinished
by DJGoo    7 months ago    

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BlackwingDragon 1 month ago
Hope you and Flamin Z aren't too close.
He's getting booted soon D=.

*prods your mohawk*
DJGoo 1 month ago
StGeorgesHorse 1 month ago
I had someone comment that this looked like you. A cousin maybe? https://www.sofurry.com/view/674855
BJStarphoenix 1 month ago
YOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEE welcome! great pics as always DJ hope life's treating you well.
DJGoo 1 month ago
Indeed it isssssssssss. How about your's?
BJStarphoenix 1 month ago
Not tood bad rough dealing with all the carer work and courses and moneyh and things and I aint slept properly in days lol but had dinner in one of the best restaurants in the world today :D
DJGoo 1 month ago
where was this?

BJStarphoenix 1 month ago
Gidleigh park, hate having to dress up just to eat though, and while it was amazing I think im not a gourmet as I have been just as happy with a gigantic burger lol, but was a good experience and the only time I will eat parsnips, its got 2 michelin stars so its reasonably high up there, bit pricey too, but hey gotta do this stuff at least once.
DJGoo 1 month ago
I went to a place like that once, but I didn't dress up. I was sleeveless,dirty, and smelly after a bike ride. X} I hit it off with ther owner
BJStarphoenix 1 month ago
meh I dont have enough letter safter my name to befriend anyone at gidleigh lol (bloody elitist twats) tbh though I dont mind they looked a bit scared of me as when I wear a suit i look like a mafia heavy usually.
valereth 2 months ago
ValenKyra 2 months ago
-Poke poke- Wanna be my friend? xD ok no i'm new here o_o
nice photos :3
DJGoo 2 months ago
Thanksssss! I like pictures!
ValenKyra 2 months ago
I saw that *w*!!
DJGoo 2 months ago
^___^ Do you like the Zion photos?
ValenKyra 2 months ago
no D: What is "Zion" ? I want to see one D:
TyVulpintaur 2 months ago
*stomps across userpage and waves down* :) howdy!
DJGoo 2 months ago
Watch your step. .. .
Aramis 3 months ago
Auugh, everything is terrible!
Except your drums, which I have now heard and which sound amazing. Between the room and the micing and the drums themselves they've got an incredibly satisfying, deep, rich resonance! It's bally good.
I suck, but I do not forget.
DJGoo 3 months ago
I always thought the toms sounded crappy until I hear them. they actually got some boom.

The room is good, kinda not really, but the mic sucks, yes.

Why do you suck? because it tastes good?
Blargoyle 3 months ago
DJGoo 3 months ago
That's your voice? LET'S HAVE SEX
I'm really liking this song, actually.
Blargoyle 3 months ago
Yeah that's my voice. I don't like it though. No depth to it. It's really hard to rap constantly. My mouth kept salivating lol.
DJGoo 3 months ago
BS it's got tons of depth. When I rap, which isn't anything that IIIIII write, I do it with really staccato notes like........well....actually......I can't relate to a salivating problem coz I just spit everywhere XD
Blargoyle 3 months ago
I don't know. I tried vocal variations but it still sounded weird so I stuck with the range where I could deliver the lines with the most passion.

I have 2 other rap tracks in development. Hopefully the voice will sound a bit better at least.

The fact you spit sounds kinky.
Blargoyle 3 months ago
P.S. The 'robot' voice was actually vocoded using my MicroKorg. That thing is so fun to use :D
DJGoo 3 months ago
You ever try just yelling into the mic, with ful emotion?

I'll be listening O__o

I swallow............what you're thinking of.
StrawberryVixen 3 months ago
You got nice photos, really fun to view them
DJGoo 3 months ago
ProfessorPasserine 3 months ago
I am defeated....
DJGoo 3 months ago
Time to drink your troubles away.