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About Iscin

Commissions are open

Commissioning Price Guide

Short Stories and Character Description/Development

-£10 GBP per commission. To be made payable during the writing process.

-Wordcount between 2000-3000

-Createive assistance in building your character

Standard Short Story Commission

-£20 GBP per commission. To be made payable during the writing process.

-Wordcount of 4000+

-Standard three stage story involving multiple characters.

-Creative assistance in character creation.

Elite "Novella" Class Commission

-£40 GBP per commission. To be made payable during the writing process.

-Wordcount of 8000+

-More complicated narrative.

-Creative assistance in both character creation and world building.

Commission Process Guide

It's very simple really. You contact me, then I ask for details. We go back and forth, clarifying as much as possible. I am willing and able to invent entire characters and environments for you, but if you have any good ideas yourself it will lead to a better tailored product.

Normally I will provide a Google Docs link that will be updated in piecemeal from a raw draft.

Once completed, the finished work will be submitted to SoFurry and SoFurry alone. You can however specifically request it remains for private use.

There are also downloads available in any format that you wish.

Commissions List (10)

1. Catprog - 34.78% (paid)

2. Selth - 47.8% (paid) (elite)

3. Fyrdragon - 39.57% (paid) (elite)

4. Cornel - 1.55% (paid) (elite) 

5. JamesFoxes - 45.07% (paid) (elite)

6. LoneWolf669 - 0.1% (paid) (elite)

7. Bento - 2.25% (paid) (elite)

8. GuyThreepwood - 52.34% (paid) (12000 words)

9. LordGriffin - 50% (paid) (elite)

10. GuyThreepwood - 0% (paid) (elite)

11. name111 - 0% (paid) (elite)

12 Ardex - 15.57% (paid) (elite)

13. Cornel - 0% (paid) (10000 words)

14. Yerkelayh - 0% (paid) (elite)

15. Jehan - 0% (paid) (elite)

Who are you? (IRL)

I am just another person with an internet connection and an interest in anthropomorphic characters of all shapes and sizes. The furry fandom is something that I discovered during the middle of my teenage years and I have picked up some good friends from it.

Furry is not something that I consider a lifestyle, people who do very quickly alienate me. I don't do cons, over-designed Disneyworld costumes and I definitely don't do "furry pride". 

At the time of my writing this I am 23 and trying to finish a couple of novels all of my own, but I also work on smaller projects and freelance work all of the time.

I want to get into falconry at some point, but I'll settle for getting into shape first.

Who Are you? (RP)


WIP (Lazy)


WIP (Lazy)


WIP (Lazy)

species Storm Dragon, Time-Travelling Orca, Operative Magpie
gender male from England
78 submissions 156,322 page views 1,865 comments received 1,227 comments posted 40,130 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Cetacean Males

Latest Journal posted 19 Apr 2014

Unfortunately I am two days late, as I should have made this journal post on the 17th. But better late than never right?

Ask an atheist day! And yes, I am an atheist which means having no belief in a god or gods, and often associated with a more overall lack of belief in the supernatural. Though individual reasons for atheism can and do vary, the most common in the first world, and my own, is based in a healthy scientific skepticism.

This is an open journal for questions pertaining to my atheism and any questions you might have about it.

The goal of ask an atheist day is to help eliminate stereotypes about secular people (such as the idea that we must hate god or are devil worshipers etc.) and to encourage healthy conversation.

You don't have to ask me anything, just you're free to ask if you want in this journal.

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