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About Chris Mercury

Chris labby

Hey there,

I'm Chris, a 27 yo Black Labrador from Germany.

Currently I spend most of my free time here on Sofurry and just want to have a good time on here as well as make some friends round here.

Though it may not seem like it, I've been around here for quite a long time, hanging out here since the good ol' Yiffstar days, somewhen back in 2008 or so.

I'm a very communicative person, so if you feel like getting to know this dog, don't be affraid to contact me...

I don't bite, honestly!

species Black Labrador
gender male from Germany
loves Anal, Canine, Chris mercury likes Dalmatian, Drama, Fox tolerates Dragon hates Death, Gore, vore
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Latest Journal posted 25 Aug 2013


What a weekend, I'm telling y'all... So many furballs from all over the world were - and of course some of them still are - in Magdeburg, Germany at the


Maritim Hotel this weekend to attend the 19th edition of Eurofurence, I think the numbers were something about 1.400 furs of all kinds: regular visitors, fursuiters, artists, suit builders, young and old, I think I even spotted a dog or two with their own attendee badge :P

And, of course, where there is something that big happening,


SoFurry isn't too far away, and quite a lot of you guys and gals (and furs of course) have been in attendance, and dang, did you have a blast!

Granted, I've only been here since late Thursday night and did miss a few fun things, like a tour through that shopping mall across the street...

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woo 2 weeks ago
*ankuschel* *rumknabber* =^.^=
Blue Jay 2 months ago
Thanks for the vote.
wolftwins17 4 months ago
You seem like a fun doggy to hang with! icon_biggrin.gif
BobbyTigre 4 months ago
thanks for da watch!
Licantrox 5 months ago
I've just seen the commission in your info and looks really cool. Great idea, Chris!
Chris Mercury 5 months ago
Thank you Licantrox! *hugs*
That was one of the purposes of your great art, heheeee!
JoeyMoose517 5 months ago
Thanks for the fave! *huuuuge moose hugs* :D
ArcticRose 6 months ago
Thanks for the Fav ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed the story :)
Aeneas Lopez 8 months ago
Thanks for the vote and favorite! It lets me know I'm still on the right track with my writing ^^
Chris Mercury 8 months ago
Hey, thank you for another nice to read chapter of the series! You definitely are on the right track and I'm looking forward to the next part ^o^
Meical 8 months ago
Thanks for the fav, vote, and watch.
Panda Dave 9 months ago
Thanks for the vote and the fave!!