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Greetings users, I'm Blazerraylock. I am at most a Gray Wolf anthro looking around this domain or a very powerful omnipotent entity that disguises himself as a human child that looks the age of 16. I enter this world to browse the many works that you people, fursons, fursonas or furs, which ever you call yourselves. I do not have great writing nor artistic talent.

Though I do not favorite or fave works, I admit that many are way better than I could ever hope to create. I am open to most works, I judge them accordingly, giving votes when needed or place a comment when I feel as to express my opinion about the matter.

Blazer: What the hell happened to you?

Raylock: You sound so... formal...

A/W: Please welcome my other opinions, and characters that I use in my stories, Blazer the Blaziken and Raylock the Renamon. Both are male and who both constantly battle each other.

B: Ok, uh, dude, you're freaking us out.

R: I second this red flightless bird's reaction.

B: *Stares at the Kitsune* Well at least I'm sure you'd be happy to describe this yellow sissy vixen.

R: *Tightening his fist* You want to say something to me?

B: *Staring with his fist also ready* Oh hell yeah...

*Stand off*


A/W: As I was saying, I'm not one to judge anyone's character simply by his looks or religion but by his or her actions, ideas, interests and works. As I admit now, no one is completely evil nor good.


*Stand off continues...*


A/W: ... you guys seriously thought I was going formal on this?

*Both snapped out of stand off*



A/W: *Laughing his ass off*

B: Tricked by the guy, just swell

R: At least he didn't add any more to this.

A/W: Oh and I almost forgot.

*Blazer's and Raylock's eyes shot wide*

A/W: I'm interested with being straight at the moment yet I have a slightly increasing interest with herms... *Innocent smile*

B: *Facepalm!*

R: *Facepalm!*

A/W: =3 Also, my likes and dislikes is a rough list, but I can give exception, to an extent of course.

Check my F-list to have a better list of my likes and dislikes
species Gray wolf, Omnipotent being pretending to be a human, A Renamon & Blaziken Duo
gender male from Asia
loves 69, Alligator, Anaconda likes Adolescent, Adult, Angel tolerates Abuse, Alien, Amphibian hates Anal vore, Ball Slapping, Bareback
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Latest Journal posted 29 Dec 2012

Hey guys, been long and I have REALLY forgotten to post this before I went.

Anyway, My folks with my siblings planned on going to Orlando, Florida to spend both the December holidays AND New years.

Now the plan was a week in Walt Disney World and a week in a resort very Near Universal Studios. So yeah, I missed a lot and am now near the end of my trip once New years day hit. Still, I could not excuse myself from delays to the RPers and RPs I had that I forgot to mention this.

Still, a late Happy Holidays to ALL and an early New years to all, for good measure if I can;t access the net again, for this site being blocked back at Disney World.

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TCPolar 4 weeks ago
thanks for watchin
firekeeper77 1 month ago
hey there! thanks a ton for the watch, i really appreciate it! :>
BlackthornTiger 1 month ago
Thank you for the watch :)
Pythos 1 month ago
thanks for the watch!
AnonDemon317 1 month ago
Sup Blazer?
BlazerRaylock 1 month ago
Whoa dude! Long time no see. Er, chat!
AnonDemon317 1 month ago
My thoughts exactly, Just happened to find you while lurking around the Personals.

So how's you?
BlazerRaylock 1 month ago
ER, usually slumped by College works, finals are coming up very fast
AnonDemon317 1 month ago
Ouch, sorry to hear that :/
I'm kinda in the same boat myself, but we haven't really ramped up to the terrifying levels yet.
BlazerRaylock 1 month ago
I am at terrifying levels, due dates popping up quickly, but when we pass the finals... then I'm happy to just relax after that and experience breaks
AnonDemon317 1 month ago
Just hang in there man and if you ever need to unwind, I'm open for a bit of RP fun ;3
BlazerRaylock 1 month ago
Of course I know that. ;3
Wll anyway, gotta go off, need sleep.
AnonDemon317 1 month ago
Lol, Fair enough, Night man!
BlazerRaylock 1 month ago
good day.
DemonKing 1 month ago
Uh oh I being watched ^.^
RavenStar18 2 months ago
Hi there. Wanna rp?
RavenStar18 2 months ago
Hi there! Wanna rp?
kalamadae 3 months ago
~purrs~ Cheers for the Watch
scarletfurry223 5 months ago
Continue the rp?)