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About Alabaster Diamond

I'm a diamond-scaled dragon that has found residence in the land Down Under and I'm friendly and willing to lend a hand.

A more detailed note; I'm one of seven avatars of nature's elemental forces and mine is light. That is to say I'm the physical incarnation of it. I'm also the youngest of the seven at a young age of over 7,500. You might think, "7,500? Isn't that really old?" Not where I'm from; we dragons can live around 100 millennia before becoming elders. That's still a long time.

Another trait I've been well known for is my incapability at lying and my ability to detect them from hearing them to being unable to read a so-called fact from a piece of text if it's actually wrong.

My magical capabilities extend to basically anything to do with light or electromagnetic radiation from radio and television transmissions to colours and even mutating people's genes through X-rays and gamma rays. I also have the panacean ability to heal anyone as long as they have even an iota of life and I can fly at the speed of light though I rarely do it as that means circumnavigating the planet around 6-7 times in one second. My preferred travelling speed is that of lightning--almost half my maximum speed.

species Dragon
gender male
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This is a sacred symbol that refers to the Great Dragon.  It appears on the right arm of all the Seven Avatars of the Great Dragon and any other person or thing that bears this symbol has been enchanted by an Avatar at some point in time.

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Burning 1 month ago
Nice to meet you sir dragon
Wounded Knee 3 months ago
No problem.
ZerUaEno 8 months ago
Hahaha nice profile. And thanks for the comments ;-)
uglysnapper 1 year ago
hi sorry my grammer is pretty bad

i am dutch from the netherlands

Kittybird 1 year ago
Thank you for taking the time to comment on my picture, it means alot to me ^_^
xeroxed 1 year ago
He he, glad you like my cute little dragony things. XD
rocque 1 year ago
oh, btw thanks for commenting! <3 i now has no brains left
Skyrilla 1 year ago
Thanks for the fav, I really appreciate it. Have a beautiful week. ^^
xzcvbtfj 2 years ago
Thanks for kind comments sir =^.^=
Kanis88 2 years ago
Thanks kindly for the fave!~