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I just moved to Tulsa about 6 months ago for work. Hoping to maybe meet some guy to make it worth while being here. Not much of a bar/club person I haven't had much luck. In real life I'm just an average guy that works in IT. I like photography and the outdoors, I have my own website. I am actively seeking a boyfriend or any friends that might help me meet my future boyfriend. species Human
gender male from Tulsa, OK, USA
loves Athlete, Drum, Gay likes Anatomically Correct, Anthro, Character Development tolerates Anime, Apophysis, Clean hates Androgynous, Bisexual, F/F
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Latest Journal posted 12 Mar 2013

I have a question for my watchers or even just people reading this.  Are there any current or recent veterans out there, army in particular but any branch will work?

I had another dream last night that I kind of would like to run with but I don't know much about the subject matter other than the bit that I've seen online.  I'm really looking for a sounding board to see how far off some of this stuff would be.  If you want to respond to this I'll PM you with my questions or if you want to PM me letting me know that's fine too.

Jax the otter 1 year ago
Hi. Just wanted to say that I like your writing. Definitely getting a watch from me!
EosFoxx 4 years ago
thank you very much for the watch <3
coke 4 years ago
you're welcome. I've enjoyed your little comic