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Martial Arts(Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, others), Video Games, Movies, Music(listening only :P)

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Martial Arts,Science, Philosophy, Non-Fiction, Literature, Comedy

I like to write comedy journals, draw humorous pictures/posters, and write the occasional non-fiction work.
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Latest Journal posted 15 Oct 2011

Note: The following article is written for the purpose of comedy. It is a satirical article and is written with the intent of making people laugh and poke fun at popular furry(and non furry) literature. This article is based on my own opinion(although there is some history), and is not meant to be taken seriously. And on another note, although parts of my article will refer to furry fiction written within the fandom, I may also include non fandom "furry" stories if they are about anthromorphic animals.

Things Furry Fiction Gets Wrong:

When it comes to writing about werewolves, anthro-beings, and similar topics, one would think that Furry authors would have a better handle on those stories then non-furries. Of course this isn't true, in fact there are quite a few things in Furry fiction that don't make sense. This series of articles shows some of the biggest myths in Furry Fiction and why their wrong.

1. Lycanthropy isn't real.

What people believe:

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redwolfbear 1 year ago
i always had kamina pegged as being some kind of canine type of anthro furry if he were instead a beastman that had sided with the humans from the start.

think about it the guy had no spiral power whatsoever to speak of and he made up for it with will power guts and pure epic manlyness and fighting spirit to substitute for his lack of spiral power

given how deathly protective he is of his friends his famiy his teammates and loved ones and his gift for guile and suberfuge and trickery its only natural he should be a coyote anthro beast man as a furry kamina
redwolfbear 1 year ago
to be hoenst i feel i am all over the place when itcomes to my bodn with caniens im a furry im a therianthrope and im a animist im each and all fothose things put together and then some
jcjc 1 year ago
Oh geeze, could you please remove ALL MY FURSUITS ASAP?
Devon Bearcoon 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav :)
nyaachu 2 years ago
Thanks for the faave n__n!
Seigi 2 years ago
hay thanks for the two favs^ ^ glad you liked the stories :3
BossTom 3 years ago
Thank you for the fave. :)
Sylvar Foxx 3 years ago
thanks for the watch and faves.