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About kokushi
I'm kokushi (means: Black Lion), a writer that also want to learn drawing and game making stuff. I speak Chinese, Japanese, as well as English (Since I'm living in C.A, United States.).
Please note that I do not do any RP.

Currently working on a game project.
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Latest Journal posted 26 Jul 2011

It has been a year since my last journal entry...and I do know there are people curious about my game project.

Well. First of all. I have to apology for the late update on that.

Our programer had to take off because of his education, and he did came back for a few days after he said he finished...and now I don't hear any more from him. May be he is busy again, or something.

But in the same time, since I started taking full time courses with an Art school, I simply don't have enough time for my project now. For those who does know, I'm taking a Game Art and Design BA course. It may take 2-3 moreĀ years to finish it, since I have been taking it for a year now.

I'm not sure how many time I'd have after graduation, since I'd be working. But i will find some time to work on the game project. Even if I have to restart it later, I will finish it. Making my story into a game is the main reason why I chose my major too. Though for those who has/can contact may see a 3D...

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TylerZ 2 months ago
Thanks for the fave , glad you enjoyed it ^^
GrifterWolf 2 months ago
Thanks for the favorites and very nice stuff here I think I'll stalk back
Darkstar 1 year ago
Thanks for the Fav!
Onyx Tao 1 year ago
Hola Kokushi --

It's been a while! Good to hear from you! I'm sure you're deep in your art and design curriculum -- I hope you're enjoying it, it sounds pretty interesting.

Onyx Tao
kokushi 1 year ago

Yeah, well. Taking classes in Art School is really not that easy. My schedule is as full as it is. You are not going to believe how many things has stayed on my to-do list for a long time. Ah, the translation of your Cold Blood series is still not finish, and I'd have to keep up on that.

I have been reading your stories though. On kindle Fire. Usually during mid-night when I cannot sleep. Helps to get my eyes tired and ready for bed. So I rarely comments on stories these days...well. Your writings are good as always. So I shouldn't complain if it is so good that keeps me up all night, huh?

Silvermane77 2 years ago
Thanks for favoriting Scent of the Moon Chapter 7! :)
Loid Zhander 2 years ago
You definitely have good stories there! More powers to you!
kokushi 2 years ago
Thanks. Thought I do have to lay off the project for a while because of my education though.
yadre 2 years ago
Thanks for the fave! :3
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