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Welcome. If you want to know me, talk to me~
I'm a friendly person most of the time.
This looks fun so I'm posting it.

That is all.
Current form is a tiger, I tend to change on a whim.

[21:50:04](>) Pale: Noxior: Yay indeed - that's why I love this fandom, no matter how weird it might be from time to time.There's always something to talk about!

[20:59:47](>) Zachary15: And l won't let you force me to kiss you without biting your tongue
[21:00:19](>) Fenri Rotlicht: As if you could do that...
[21:00:24](>) Fenri Rotlicht: Without your teeth.... :D
[21:00:33](>) Mikrae: Fenri, I fucking love you. XD

[20:49:20](>) Indie: I'm in your chat, fuckin up yo conversations

[00:13:53](>) JaredDaDonkeh:
[00:13:55](>) JaredDaDonkeh: Heeeee?
[00:14:03](>) JaredDaDonkeh: :B
[00:14:05](>) JaredDaDonkeh: ....
[00:14:06](>) Strawberry: Jared is backwards today.
species Undefined Fantastic Tiger.
gender male from France
loves Adventure, Anthro, Fantasy likes 8-bit, Anime, Black And White tolerates Monocromatic, Rule 34, Spanish Language
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Latest Journal posted 27 Apr 2010

This is my first journal entry.I finally have something to write. `-`

I didn't come often lately,I'm busy,that stuff...Right.

So basically I just wanted to talk about a cool webcomic I've found a while ago.It's great,and it needs moar readers.

Here it is.(First page : cover)

That's all ^^ I hope you'll like it,and even register on the forum.


Oloroso Rhone 10 months ago
Thank you SO MUCH for the favs on The Eye! ^_^
It's my favorite of my stuff and I love to see it getting attention.
Fenri 10 months ago
You're welcome! I'd be unable to tell you how I came accross it right now, but it was really nice to read, and I was as surprised by the ending as happy to see how it ended.
Oloroso Rhone 10 months ago
^_^ Well I am very glad you liked it. I'm quite proud of it. And that pride was rather validated when it won me some art from Sal!
MAddict 10 months ago
Thank you for the favourite!

Hope I write something else that appeals to you soon!
Fenri 10 months ago
You're welcome!
I found that story simple, yet very cute and endearing. Kind of surprised by the random transformation out of nowhere though :P
MAddict 10 months ago
Hehe, yeah. That was everyone's major criticism. Oh well, first piece. Learned loads though. :-)
Vincent the Fox 1 year ago
Fenri 1 year ago
*senses zee Fenri in zee force!*
Mecha Knuckles 1 year ago
Graeme 1 year ago
Adrien-Rio Hajimoto 1 year ago
:: pounces and hugs :: Mine!~
Fenri 1 year ago
Am I now? :o
Adrien-Rio Hajimoto 1 year ago
Yesh...hee hee... :: noms ::
RioSpark 1 year ago
*sips tea*
Graeme 1 year ago
Fenri 1 year ago
Lunin wulf 3 years ago
molests ya cause ya are to cute