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About Reserved Rodent
Name: Reserved Rodent
Species: Rat, Nordic - sometimes (often?) called sewer rat
Height: 6' (not counting ears)
Weight: 240 lbs.
Tail length: 6'2"
Skin (and tail) color: light tan
Fur colors
*undercoat: Dark charcoal gray, (Black when wet)
*fur: Dark golden brown, (Black when wet)
Eye color: Blue-Hazel (or Green-Hazel depending on the light)


Reserved Rodent can often be found reading, writing, or taking walks in the wild. He wishes he could more often be found swimming, but has no access to a good place to do this activity.

While indoors, or outside as soon as it's close to warm enough, this rat prefers to go barefoot, as his long, widely spaced toes have yet to find a shoe that does not make them feel claustrophobic. Moderate and warmer months see Reserved wearing t-shirts and shorts most of the time. Cold, wet, and snow all result in wearing shoes or work boots, as do trips to town. Blue jeans replace shorts as temperature or walking through tall grass and weeds requires more protection. He wears glasses at all times he is awake. The lenses are small ovals in dark copper wire frames. He has shaded lenses that can be easily attached when he's outside or driving on a sunny day.

While his legs are well muscled, and his wide shoulders and arms respectable in their strength, Reserved is not well toned. He carries a little fat on his belly, making him overweight, but nowhere near enough to be obese. He has recently started exercising to trim back down a little and then maintain a healthier weight.
species Rat
gender male
loves Character Development, Cheetah, Lycanthrope likes Anatomically Correct, Anthro, Bear hates Anal vore, Babyfur, Neutering
48 submissions 34,662 page views 445 comments received 1,084 comments posted 26,457 profile views
groups   Tigers
  Dragon Males

Latest Journal posted 15 Nov 2013

As the title might suggest to you, I will be attending MFF this year. There's a handful of furs who already know this, but there might be a few who I've not spoken with about this already who might care. So I'm going to answer an abbreviated list of commonly asked questions other furs post.

Where are you planning to sleep?
In my sleeping bag on the floor in a room at the Hyatt. At least this is my assumption. we've got more bodies than bed for the room, and I have slept on many a floor before. Not the most comfortable solution, but it can be done.

Who else will be sleeping in this location?
I don't think anyone will be in the sleeping bag with me. I'm sharing the room with a couple of dragons; avatar?user=11781&character=0&clevel=0 Ryuuie and Torin Darkflight will be frightening off maidens and kidnapping knights from the room lair. Thurs...

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I had forgotten to reinstall everything after new hard drive. I'm starting to remember to run that, but I'm not seeing you on the list so I wonder if I forgot what yahoo account I was using. send a message and we can get reconnected on TIM, Skype, hangouts, or whatever. :)
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