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I'm a young nineteen year old from a small town in Missouri. I am currently leave Missouri as soon as I possibly can. I love to run/jog as well as swim, ride my bike, climb trees, and just relax. I'm a slow writer, but that's mainly because I can't stop thinking of ways to do a part of the stories different.

If you comment on what I upload then I'll try to comment on your stuff.

species European River Otter
gender male from Kansas City Missouri, United States
loves 69, Anal, Athlete likes Anatomically Correct, Audio Book, Celtic tolerates Torture (moderate), beer hates Anal vore, Babyfur, Date rape
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Latest Journal posted 19 Jun 2013

Just a little thing I am doing for one of comidacomida's stories again.

1)  What is your character's name?: Brother Rhys Barlow 

2)  What is your character's race?: Timor Rat

3)  What does your character think of the Church?: As being a member of Church he has strong love and respect for the Church. While he doesn't agree with all of the Church's policies 100% of the time, his faith in god will keep him eternally loyal to the Church. 

4)  What does your character think of the University?: Rhys is too busy with his time helping with the Church's views and activities to bother dealing with the University and it's views.

5)  What does your character think of the sibling rivalry among the king's heirs?: He understand the rivalry that is going on between the siblings though he is afraid things might take a turn for the worse.

6)  Does your character have a preferred heir they would like to see as Lehsunia's ruler?: Like most of the members ...


KateTheMarten 1 week ago
I have created a group for contributing Lead Crown members. I'd love it if you would join?
Rocelin 1 week ago
Sure, I don't see why not! ^.^
Tiyu 1 month ago
! Hyoheyhyo !
Bonjour from the lands of Trevosse!
Your assistance is needed immediately!
Ellard 4 months ago
Hey Rocelin, uhhhhh wanna help group C out? :3
Ellard 8 months ago
Really like your avatars by the way. My compliments to their artist(s).
Rocelin 8 months ago
Thank you very much and yours is very nice as well!
Maskopatol 9 months ago
Thanks for the watch! :)
laserslutboy 2 years ago
alright i see, my favorite child game was hide and go seek
Rocelin 2 years ago
I lived in a very underpopulated area and there were barely anyone who I could play that with :P
laserslutboy 2 years ago
oh sorry, i thought cause the cities in arlington are ballston, courthouse, rosslyn, your name sounds like rosslyn
Rocelin 2 years ago
No worries, but yeah, I got the name from a game I played when I was little.
laserslutboy 2 years ago
hello, are you named after that town in arlington virginia?
Rocelin 2 years ago
I can't say I know what you are talking about, sorry. So I would have to say no.
Omelemon 2 years ago
No problem.
Keep up the good work, lol.
GladiatorW07f 2 years ago
cant believe i had not clicked the add watch button for you yet.