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I should note that I'm also known as 0cool on AGNPH, to clarify that all these stories aren't stolen.

My banner is a nice drawing of the characters Michael, Tom and Melody by Calmnivore from my story "United Through Two Worlds"
species Blisc
gender male
loves Anime, Anthro, Aphrodisiac likes 69, 70s, Abduction tolerates Bovine, Bukkake, City hates 3D, Anal vore, BBW
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BlueEclipse 8 months ago
I got a question that is probably stupid but does united through both worlds only have 26 chapters?
Et2bruttus 1 year ago
Thanks for the fav for Alien vs Predator: Insemination. Glad you liked the story :)
Killhubi 1 year ago
Thanky for that Favy, m8!
Mordecai 1 year ago
Scary avatar ;P
Of The Wilds 2 years ago
Thanks much for the Fav on Sleeping Bag Game part 2! Hope you enjoy parts 1 and 3 as well!
Et2bruttus 2 years ago
Thanks much for the fav on "Darkspawn Encounter." I'll be sure to explore your gallery now :D
justmerg 3 years ago
Hey. Its good to see you over here. I've been following on AGNPH for a while now. This makes it easier
sharpy 3 years ago
oh right sorry about that misuderstanding then. Your a good writer and i was just trying to prtect your work. had no idea that this was you under a different name. sorry again. Keep up the good work then. great story.
Jyrras 3 years ago
your story is good but your avatar is scaring me o_o
DuskRunner 3 years ago
Then my job is done icon_biggrin.gif

Here's the full pic it came from, which is my Fursona
The Omega Tiger 3 years ago
Mind pacing yourself with your story uploading? You're kinda knocking other submissions off the front page and not letting em see the light of day so to speak.
DuskRunner 3 years ago
Ah crap, sorry about that.

I'm new to this,
The Omega Tiger 3 years ago
Now you know for the next time if ever there is one.
Jyrras 3 years ago
And knowing is half the battle.