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About Mattrex Dai Dragonera
I am Mattrex Dai Dragonera, at your service!

I usually make poRn but hey, who cares, right?

Heh heheh, I'am SoFurry! lol! XD!
species I'am a Leviathen/ raptor, that is all.
gender male
loves Anthro, Arctic Fox, Dinosaur tolerates Political, Rule 34
37 submissions 16,015 page views 206 comments received 90 comments posted 3,799 profile views
Latest Journal posted 10 Sep 2010

Hey Peoplez!

I'm so sorry that i haven't been uploading artwork for some time now...

i'm currently attending college and i'm trying so hard to keep things going. At this time, i know many of you have forgotten me already and stuff plus it's really hard for me to keep intouch anymore... there are some of my watchers of which i owe some art too so if you are one of them; please please contact me here or on FA. (i am on FA a lot for commissions)

send me a private noteĀ and i'll give you my phone number to contact me.

Health and Happiness~> from Mattrex ~.=.^!!!

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kitarl 3 years ago
thanks fer da watch, check out some of the stuff Ive done, I got a few new ones, gimmie some feedback too, have fun ^.^
dragonrider101 3 years ago
thanks for the watch
Deep thought 4 years ago
MRECW92 4 years ago
Hey mattrex whats new havent heard from you in awhile
Mattrex Dai Dragonera 4 years ago
I broke my arm... and... i can't draw Dragon poRn...
Auctor 4 years ago
np! thanks for the watch back ^,.,^
MRECW92 4 years ago
Master Sgt Duncan 4 years ago
thanks for the watch. ^^
Mattrex Dai Dragonera 4 years ago
NP bro! but no, TY for the watch!