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About Dobies
<<< Doberman Fucking Pinscher >>>

Dobies is a ZooFur.

Don't like it?

Then Get The Fuck Outta Here.
species Doberman Fuckin' Pinscher
gender male
loves Doberman, fucking, pawing likes Yiffy, femboi hates CSI, Church, New York
8 submissions 46,495 page views 1,986 comments received 946 comments posted 23,547 profile views
groups   Zeta
  SoFurry Zoophiles

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AtomicHusky 6 months ago
Nice icon
Jasonix 7 months ago
Why the ban?
chaga yena 2 years ago
Who banned him anyway?
triplexXxWerewolf 2 years ago
Aw, Dobes. Your art was BOSS on this site. WTF? *tears up*
chaga yena 2 years ago
Dobies got banned, why?
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 4 months ago
He made a group that posted illegal material. He got permabanned for it.
Gigi1t 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch^^ hopefully more art is to be comeing soon^^
Black&Tan 2 years ago
Hey Dobies:) I already belong to the zeta groups here ^.^ and Skype sounds good some time. I'll pm you with my Skype name!
Dobies 2 years ago
sweet. i think i'm gonna get mine going again. the couple on here, are kinda "slow", and we both know, that aint the real deal, right?

Black&Tan 2 years ago
Definitely knot!
Black&Tan 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch here Dobies ^^ Good to see you, as always ^.^
Dobies 2 years ago
hiyas silly. meet me in the kennel?

chaga yena 2 years ago
Hey Dobies, what's up?
Dobies 2 years ago
you know, same ole same ole....
Io 2 years ago
Hey, *Pounces, Hugs & Licks* just taking the time to wish you & yours the most Wonderful Xmas & all the Great hope of this New Year! ^__^