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The Lost Hatchling
by pyrus5    1 year ago    

Latest Journal posted 24 Nov 2012

looking for roomate:
single bedroom apartment (for now). 71st between Mingo and hwy 169
rent: $479+water. (will be split evenly) elec and internet included.
also have one cat. will alternate monthly between bed (room) and futon (living room) until a two bedroom unit is available.
if interested please contact at Skype: pyrus5
if i don't answer immediately i may be at work and should answer back within about 1-4 hours. (please say you are interested in the offer in the contact request)

Nero1024 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch! :)
plasmawall 1 year ago
thanks for the watch! i'm happy someone is interested in my work ;)
Wandering_Smoke 1 year ago
Thanks for watching me here =^.^=
Sorry I didn't see it until now. I don't wander over here very often.
ArticFox 4 years ago
Thanks for the watch :3