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About wayc
Hey, everyone. I'm wayc.

I'm mostly here because I'm a heavy romantic when it comes to male humans with females of other species. I love to see a human male give up what's normal and orthodox about society in order to be with a girl who's really different and both of them adapting to their differences because they both speak the universal language of love.

Dolphins are my favorite species and probably what you'll find me writing about most.

I also enjoy reading about male humans with male furries.

I'm into some really kinky stuff like soft vore, anal vore, unbirthing, scat, watersports, and macro/micro.

Feel free to send me a PM if you want to chat, have an idea about something I could write about, or like one of my stories.

Happy reading! :)
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loves Alien, Alligator, Anaconda likes Amphibian, Armadillo, Beaver tolerates Canine, Equine, Lycanthrope
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KertaLosataure 10 months ago
I sea you! <3
Pugsly Derpington 1 year ago
Thanks for accepting my friend request :)
FluffyPony 3 years ago
try read cops and rubbers next
Arayna 3 years ago
wayc 3 years ago
Hiiii! ^~^ *hug*
Cetaceaphile 3 years ago
wayc 3 years ago
Yarg! Who's John? lol
Gray Muzzle 3 years ago
Looking at your profile, I seee why you'd like the kitties! You might like 'Tina's Story, too. An anthro Poodle married to a male human.
wayc 3 years ago
I saw that! I didn't know it had a poodle. I love the idea of poodle anthros. I was actually in the process of reading the cable guy story with the poodle when you shouted. XD I'll check out Tina's Story next!
Tokihiko 3 years ago
Sen32 3 years ago
thanks for the fave.
Nirin 4 years ago
Heh, it's all right, don't worry. Was just feeling kinda perky and wanted to give someone a smiley. :)
Nirin 4 years ago