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G'lek is a male Ta'rall, approximately 19-21 Earth years in age. He was born to Seiera and her mate, Jazara, in their first and only clutch. He is their only hatchling to survive into adulthood.

G'lek is on the upper end of Ta'rall sizes, his torso standing 9 feet tall and his body measuring 30 feet in length. His scales are a deep brown color with a cream colored belly. The belly patterning continues up his chest to the underside of his mouth. The intricate patterning on G'lek's hood is also cream colored.

G'lek is a curious individual in terms of personality. He's not a big on socialization. He usually stays quiet, especially among groups of those he doesn't know. With friends, it's a different story. He's quite outgoing and loves to talk about the things important to him. He's got a good handle on his temper most of the time, but once someone is under his scales, it's just a matter of time before something gives.

G'lek is well known for his complete disregard for social cues. It's not that he ignores them, but that he just doesn't pick them up. It often causes him to come across as rude, insensitive, pushy, inconsiderate, and the like. This is far from true. He truly bears no ill will towards anyone, even those who have hurt him in the past, though that doesn't mean he won't rip a chunk out of you if you upset him enough.

In general, G'lek is not a person to get upset over small things that people do (unless his mood is rotten to start with). He takes most questions, no matter how strange, without pause, giving an honest answer if he can.

G'lek is primarly a hunter for his native tribe. He was given the role after he demonstrated his superb abilities with his bow. He also carries a pair of hunting knives made from his own belly scales, toothed on the inside and serrated on the main blade. These features give his blades great value, and he keeps them close at all times. In combat, he can wield all three weapons at the same time usually by holding his bow in his upper arms and the knives in the lower arms. His size tends to give him an advantage over other combatants.

G'lek has mated with his tribe mate, Saphf, in the past, though the pair never had a clutch. G'lek came to Earth with the Tamrel family on orders from his tribe leader to keep the Human family safe, for they were considered extremely valuable members of the tribe.

G'lek is distrustful of Humans, mostly due to bad experiences with the Marine Search and Rescue team sent to rescue the Tamrel family who crashed on his homeworld.

About Me In Real Life

Name's G'lek, I'm an avid writer, programmer, and gamer.

For more information about my species, see G'lek's Encylopedia: Ta'rall.

My fursona is quite similar to myself in terms of personality (at least, now he is).

I'm quite social online, so feel free to message me or add me on Skype or simply chat me up when you see me around.

Currently, I'm programming a Text Adventure Game (Drakkon) on my free time while I'm not studing for my Software Engineering degree at Carleton University. See my journal for more details about Drakkon.

Note about my characters/species

I have absolutely no problems with people using my characters/species in art and stories, as long as they stick to a few simple rules:

  • Credit me, even if I was just inspiration for your own character/species
  • Do not use my characters (this doesn't include species) to express opinions that aren't mine. If in doubt, ask me.

Where To Find Me

species Ta'rall
gender male from Edwards, Ontario, Canada
loves Celtic, Classic Pop/Rock, Dolphin likes 3D, 8-bit, Ambient hates Blues, New Country, Western Swing
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Latest Journal posted 08 Dec 2013

So, it's been a long, hard semester at school, but it's finally coming to a close. I'd say the biggest thing I have to update people on would be the renewed work on both my text game engine and my 2D game engine. The text engine is possibly going to see another rewrite in the near future. I find it's easier to just rewrite things instead of trying to fix them. Might have to do with hating to see those red exclamation marks that mean there's an error somewhere. I'm starting to understand a bit better what I need to do to get that project moving forward at a reasonable pace. One of those things is making a proper editor for the game data instead of trying to write it all by hand. The second is to leave the plug in idea alone for now and just focus on something that works. Really, plug ins are a bad idea anyway because they open a lot of security holes. Inheritance is the way to go in this case.

As for the 2D game engine, I've discovered this thing called SFML (and the Java version, JSFML). OpenGL acce...

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*Jumps a bit at the poke, one hand grabbing the hilt of one of his hunting knives. He relaxes when he sees who poked him.* I know my shout box is pretty empty. I don't mind it. It's the comments on my stories that I care about.
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*twirling and floating around the strange male Naga like creature the whispy black and grey folf shaped creature giggles as she looks at him with her dead green glowing eyes* I can understand, I happen to be a yarn spinner as well, maybe we could work together sometime?
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*He lets the corners of his mouth twitch up.* I would enjoy that immensely.
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