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gender hermaphrodite from Rainbow Tiger, Second Life
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Latest Journal posted 03 Apr 2013

I won a contest.



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ChaosInTrance 2 weeks ago
Thank you for the fave and the vote!!
ElleryBuck 1 month ago
Well, thank you for providing me something to stare at. And you're welcome to pick all the cherries you want. :D
Megancat 1 month ago
Thanks for the Watch! :)
potionmastercernun 1 month ago
Hello there! ^^ Thankyou for watching me! *takes a bow*
Kozel 1 month ago
Goats on boats grope rope.
firekeeper77 2 months ago
thank you so much for the watch! n.n
Smuttymutt 2 months ago
Oh hello there O.o I guess Im it now!
RumCat 2 months ago
Thank you for your fav and watch!!! <3
ClockworkWolf 2 months ago
Thanks for the Watch! Appreciated very much! ;)
StGeorgesHorse 2 months ago
Thanks for the Vote and Fave! Question...why the interest in this story? I see you posted it to over a dozen SF writing groups. I don't mind; I'm just curious your reason behind it.
Heuvadoches 2 months ago
I liked it? The story had more polish? It flowed well, and I just ... liked it. The groups were for another layer of categorizing. Sort of like tags. A mass collection of similar works.
StGeorgesHorse 2 months ago
I see. I often crank out stories with an idea in mind, write them and post them before moving on. This one wasn't one of my persoanl faves, but then, I don't read them once they're written. Glad it tickled your fancy!