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Hi. I'm Furrywriter. Some of you may remember me from FA. If you are here to gloat at me being banned, I will not give further warning, I will only block you!

I'm a 20 year old writer who one day wants to get published. I like movies, games, tv, writing stories and, on occasion, reading. I am currently single and not really looking. I am very submissive and you will rarely, if ever, see me dom. I live in Saint Louis, Missouri and am always looking for a good time. Though I prefer to be alone, I actually do, on occasion, enjoy company as long as I want them around. Those close to me will tell you I'm very caring and always try to help wherever I can. The few friends I have will tell you I'm very loyal and would do anything for them.

That's enough about the real life me. Here's a bit about the online me. My kinks are feet/paws, Master/Slave play, Rough Sex, Rape, Dominant Females, Breaking, Enslavement, Oral, Swallowing, and force.
species Tiger
gender male
loves 69, Action, Anatomically Correct likes Anal, Barn Owl, Bobcat tolerates First Person, Rule 34, ass
74 submissions 72,972 page views 1,529 comments received 970 comments posted 21,153 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 21 Dec 2011

After almost two years, the draft of my book "Planes" is finished! *Dances and bounces happily*

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Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
Miharu_Okami 5 months ago
Thanks for watching me!
Furrywriter 5 months ago
Very welcome!
Furrywriter 5 months ago
Very welcome! I hope to see a lot of great artwork!
Miharu_Okami 5 months ago
Thanks for watching!
BlackRose_Shana 1 year ago
hi n__n thanks for the watch, I appreciate it a lot. Hope you keep enjoying my art!
Hid Ras Fallar 1 year ago
If it is of any interest, feel free take a gander at my (Only two atm, but more to come!) stories.
Arnold The Wolf 1 year ago
Sup, dude?
DOMiNO UKAE 1 year ago
Furrywriter 1 year ago
My email is:
Furrywriter 1 year ago
Yes. Let's just emails, ok?
Thrillseeker 1 year ago
Fine with me.