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About Kross

Yo! So, if you are reading this, I now think you are cool...whoever you, oh, right, me, who am I, eh? Well, I am a social and yet almost quiet guy. I love meeting new people and making friends. If I get to know you, I generally become pretty attached; I love forming good meaningful relationships with people. If you actually want to know about me then it'd be better to chat with me than to read something here. If you're interested, send me a message or something, I'd be glad to hear from others. Looking forward to whatever the future may hold.

When it comes to my physical characteristics, the lines are not clearly drawn. I am a shape-shifter. My appearance may fluctuate from time to time because of that.

My current form is that of a Dragon rawr!

species Dragon
gender male
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groups   Heathen City
  Cetacean Males
  Dragon Males

Sora_the_Fox 1 year ago
heyy ^^
novastar 2 years ago
Hah! found you! now feel the power of MY dragon shout! HOOAH!!
Dracokon 3 years ago
Just wondering, Kross, do you wear your clothes backwards? (If you didn't get the joke I'm sorry, you might think I'm crazy.)
Xerxes_Wolf 4 years ago
Hehe, I am friends with Anielde =3. I'm also friends with WinterTiger ^^. Why do you ask?
Kross 4 years ago
Anielde was talking about you and I wanted us to be friends too :D
Xerxes_Wolf 4 years ago
Hehe, fine by me. I'll add you on AIM since I don't have Skype :P.
HollenEngel 4 years ago
If you're a PC gamer, shoot me a PM with the games you play regularly, perhaps we could organize a match at some point. Also wouldn't mind just chatting, MSN preferred but it looks like you've only got Skype and AIM, so if you want to add me on Skype, feel free.