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I was born in Rotenburg in August 1991. After my graduation of secondary school I joined the HTK in Hamburg, a private university for graphic artists. I'm familiar with a bunch of programms for vector graphics, animations,3D animation/modeling, photomanipulating/matte painting, designing magazines and fancy iPad Applications but my focus is illustration, comic and concept art.

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Latest Journal posted 04 Jun 2013

Today it's been about a year since I got my graduation and started to make a living out of art. =)


Since then I learned a lot and had tons of fun.
As you might remember I worked the past months in a game studio which developing Games for 'InnoGames' in Hamburg (Germany). Since last week I started to upload my art because our Game "Kartuga" finally got online for anyone to play. It's a huge MMORPG with 3D rendering in your browser thanks to the unity player.
I enjoyed the atmosphere in the studio I worked in. Yeah, worked. After the project was done there was no need for an artist anymore. That's normal in this industry. So my boss decided to put me down.
No, there weren't any problems ect. believe me: that's normal. If they ever start a new project, proba...


RWG 2 months ago
great work!
Tylon 3 months ago
Huhu Gaia ^^

Ich geister jetzt hier auch mal rum daher mal +watch auf dich ^^
GoldenEmotions 3 months ago
Bin zufällig hier gelandet und wollte, auch wenn wir uns nicht kennen, die ein Frohes Fest und ein tolles Ende für 2013 wünschen!
GaiasAngel 3 months ago
Den wünsch ich dir auch! =D
GoldenEmotions 3 months ago
Danke! :D
Silverwolf626 4 months ago
You have some of the most amazing artwork i have ever seen in my life! Incredible work!!!
GaiasAngel 4 months ago
oooh thank you <3
Elemental Kitsune 4 months ago
Dude, you're an awesome artist!
cgbear 7 months ago
great art work
IceDragon2001 9 months ago
Wow!!! Just wow is all i can say about your work... makes me wish i just a fraction of ur gift. Please keep up the good work.
GaiasAngel 8 months ago
Aw thank you <3
IceDragon2001 8 months ago
You are very welcome ... would love to commission you for my avatar but i know i would never be able to afford someone with your level to talent :3
GaiasAngel 8 months ago
uhm I guess an avatar won't cost a world x)
IceDragon2001 8 months ago
Well pm me with some of your prices and i guess we can go from there ... it would be such an honor to have mine done by someone with your gift.
Foxes Fyre 9 months ago
Such stunning artwork you have! Purely amazing!
lazyboy111 9 months ago
Hi I'm new! I just made an account about 2 weeks ago and just noticed that one of your art is my screen background.
GaiasAngel 9 months ago
hehe cool. Thanks =)
Dean Shaw 9 months ago
If you don't mind, I'm gonna try to fit one of your art as screen background! :D
GaiasAngel 9 months ago
I totally don't mind. =)