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About WindDragonMax
My name is Max and I'm an Eastern dragon. I'm 14 feet long when stretched all the way out and 5'11 feet tall when standing on my feet. My scales are navy and my belly is yellow. I have a 19 foot wingspan but keep my wings retracted most of the time.
species Eastern Dragon
gender male
loves 69, Cuffs, Emo likes Master/Slave, Pegging tolerates Tentacles, Vore (soft)
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groups   Dragon Males

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XIIIsense 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave. C:
Shadow Demon 3 years ago
Max its me Shadow.... I want to talk to you please message me
mellowpunk101 4 years ago
hi ^^
Cyran 4 years ago
PureSugar 4 years ago
Shoutboxfurry uses your shoutbox to say HELLO :D <3