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species Kobold
gender male
loves Adult, D&D, Dinosaur likes Adventure, Cetacean, Comedy
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Toumal 2 months ago
Heya! Hope you are alright!
nomen 7 months ago
OKay, i can't see A Tear in the Weave, Part I: The Weft. How do I fix it?
Sovandar 7 months ago
'Twas only a temporary measure while editing was done, never fear!

It should be thoroughly visible now :)
Sanmer 7 months ago
Aww, friends only for your latest story?
Sovandar 7 months ago
Never fear, 'tis only a temporary measure! ;)
Toumal 1 year ago
Your latest story blew me away <3
I am so glad you're posting again!
Sovandar 1 year ago
Hah, thanks; I never really stopped, though looking back, er, it has been quite a while since I posted anything solo (or short)! :P
Procene 1 year ago
thanks for the watch Sovvy :3
Sovandar 1 year ago
No problem! ;)
Celeblu 1 year ago
Thanks for faving!
GreyKobold 1 year ago
You need an IM so I can nibble you.
GreyKobold 1 year ago
Due to RL, it may take a while to get anything done.
Sovandar 1 year ago
No problem; like I said, no pressure - it'd hardly be fair to hold you to a deadline, or even to producing anything at all, when it's a whimsical freebie! ;)
GreyKobold 1 year ago
For you, one freebie
Sovandar 1 year ago
Free? I'll pay the normal price, quite gladly; I shan't take advantage. ;)
GreyKobold 1 year ago
Your favoing my stuff? I'm very honored. :)
Sovandar 1 year ago
The pleasure is mine! ;)
GreyKobold 1 year ago
Give me some time, and it'll be even better ;)