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Latest Journal posted 01 Nov 2013

Commission Status: Open

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I'm now taking on applications for commissions for November. I will only be taking on 5 max.
My commission info, application form and current queue info can be found on my blog. The links are all in the journal header, and my profile info. The application form has helpful info and rough price estimates to help you choose the right commission for you.

Edit: Ive added some b...

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Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
Lupine Assassin 7 months ago
Hi. I saw you logged in on Skype a few minutes ago. Do you still chat there?
InkMagus 7 months ago
I dont have a skype. I did log onto an old hotmail account because of problems i was having maybe that was it.
Lupine Assassin 7 months ago
Yeah, that was it, my bad. Which IM's do you use currently?
InkMagus 7 months ago
I dont really use IMs. Hangouts i suppose
Lupine Assassin 7 months ago
Oh, Google Hangouts? Okay. :)
Dean Shaw 7 months ago
Hmm...where can I ask for a sheet like that one? There, the latest one! *points*
InkMagus 7 months ago
its how I do adoptable egg designs. Ive been doing a couple of free egg batches to try out this adoptables thing and get my creative juices going. As such I have no actual ref sheet work done. Just adoptable sheets for already adopted eggs. I hope I didnt miss the point of the question. Im very tired at the moment.
Dean Shaw 7 months ago
Ah, I get it. Don't you worry, I'm tired too.
ImperialTiger 8 months ago
I always like to keep tabs and watch good artists!!
Rickter 8 months ago
no problem : ) your a great artist you deserve the watch!
AnjiMcDohl 8 months ago
...Wow, I didn't realize you were over here too. :)
Kratos 8 months ago
ur welcome for the fav and watch. i intend to try this position in Hannibal and Akito.
InkMagus 8 months ago
Yeah, people keep saying that to me. I'm going to try it onJopeyPup on monday. XD
Lupine Assassin 8 months ago
Welcome back!! :D
InkMagus 8 months ago
Dranzer 8 months ago
surprise to see you alive
InkMagus 8 months ago
Me too. XD This time I returns with new arts, and more to come. Hurrah
Toumal 2 years ago
Heya, long time no see! Hope you like the new site ^^
InkMagus 8 months ago
As seems to be my way I was away, but the new site looks awesome. Some great features here. Love the Username change function. Especially since I like to change my avatar and name like I change my clothes. LOL