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Well I'm Gurin. I am the writer and kind of an artist. Definatly more of a colourist =w= than anything. You'll usually catch me listening to music or relaxing. Im just about always up for an art trade. I can be a tad random and when it comes to physical labor Im lazy -w- 

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Breaking Thing into Pieces
by Gurin    4 months ago    
Wareta Ringo
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Chiri Chiri Juso [Dust Dust Curse]
by Gurin    8 months ago    
Acid Nel
by Gurin    8 months ago    

Latest Journal posted 01 Jun 2013

Hello Hello My Fluffies. I have been experamenting with the water color style on my art and I need two or three more subjects So I'm taking request so if your interested Give me a Comment or a PM I need at least one Lady also.............cant draw guys all the time ya know


 Example: https://www.sofurry.com/view/544726

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Leonirikuz 2 months ago
Hi Gurin!
Thansk for the fav :3
Johnnaman 3 months ago
Merry Christmas Gurin! :D
Gurin 3 months ago
Thanks buddy
Xzepher Shadowkick8 6 months ago
*is secretly watching you from the corner* >3>
Starkraven 6 months ago
Your very welcome Gurin. :)
Cherry von Bonbon 7 months ago
Gurin 7 months ago
Your Welcome =w=
Johnnaman 11 months ago
500 Chocolate puppies! Gotta blow! *Rides off on scooter*
Io 1 year ago
Thanks for the Watch! XP
Gurin 1 year ago
I think I owed you that x3
Io 1 year ago
How so? 0_o
Gurin 1 year ago
I believe you were one of the first to comment on something of mine and i appreciate that so much
Io 1 year ago
Thank you but there is not need for it, pay it forward! XP
Leonirikuz 1 year ago
i'd like to add you, if you want :3
Gurin 1 year ago
I'd love it
Leonirikuz 1 year ago
yay, thanks :3
also, if you were on an rpg, wich job-class-thingie will you choose?
Gurin 1 year ago
Necromancer or something else dark and magicy x3
Leonirikuz 1 year ago
i hope you like the design
im still working in more stilish designs :3
Mehawk 1 year ago
Thank you for the fave :3
Colfax 1 year ago
hey, thanks for the fave! :3