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A bunink is a mink and bunny hybrid. They have bunny ears and the fluffy white coat and tail of a mink. This one has a thick, soft, fluffy coat of white fur that fades to a pink at the tips of the ears, fingers/paws, feet, and tail with hair the same pink color. He has long hair, down to the waist that curls at the end. His body type is fairly average, with a flat stomach. Nothing too special. Generally shy and nervous around others he tries to be confident and outgoing but usually only in a private setting. Luker as he is, don't be afraid to hit him up or just say hi, he isn't abrasive at all. When I say "Whisper Friendly" I mean it, unlike everyone else around here!

All the Stats!

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140lbs
Species: Bunink
Age: 22

I really need to add more to this... and soon!
And for all credit, I didn't draw my avatars.

species Bunink
gender male
loves Male, Muscle, Muscles likes Bear, Lion hates Fox
1 submissions 123 page views 2 comments received 13 comments posted 10,757 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Cetacean Males


Alyx Z Ranas 1 month ago
What up Sugar?

Didn't know you were still around
CleanRoo 1 year ago
Hi! It has been a long while since I have actually been on SoFurry. Hope you are well. Maybe I'll hear back from you soon...would be nice. CR
Sijon Ambergine 1 year ago
Mn, thanks for the favorite, cutie!
gorix16 2 years ago
hi there ^^
Rayne Cyzio 3 years ago
-leaves a box of cookies.- Happy Random cookie day!
Blue Bunneh 3 years ago
heey teh shouts :3
leon_the_hoss 4 years ago
nom nom nom
Nickitty 4 years ago
Hi there, sorry for not responding>.<
Nice to meet you!
Carmain Fallsmyer 4 years ago
Sigurd Whitetail 4 years ago

sorry didnt know what to shout....hi