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Hey folks! Call me Bucky--everyone does! I'm 23, born in North Carolina but currently attending school in Charleston, SC. I'm studying art and writing, both practices being something I really enjoy doing. Depending on my mood and what I'd rather be doing, I either consider myself an artist or a writer, finding it difficult to consider myself both at a single point in time. When I do draw my stuff tends to be anthro/furry related. Why? I dunno, they're just fun to draw and I've always had a deep connection with animals so I suppose that translates into my work. My writing tends to be more fantasy, sci-fi stuff. It revolves more around human characters, but I'll always manage to throw in a furry somehow. When I'm not drawing or writing I'm either exercising, rollerblading, reading, or at the beach with my dog. I'd say I play video games, but in reality the most action my Xbox 360 gets is playing dvd's. I do love my handheld games though; still a Pokemon fan. (Don't tell nobody! OoO)

I'mma saber-toothed cat, by the way, with mocha-colored fur and mottles. :3

Feel like helping a poor saber-tooth out with a little donation toward my works? From the Paypal homepage send it to! I'll love you forever, and the added incentive will get you more stories!

INTERESTED IN HAVING A BIGGER HAND IN WHAT I WRITE? Well, in regards to my Life On Shuffle series, feel free to PM me song suggestions for inspiration towards the stories. Any genre, any artist, I'm not biased. Besides, I love music, and discovering new artists and songs to listen to is something I looooooove. So expand my musical knowledge, good people! :D

Also, I'm good for story commissions if you're interested. Hopefully what I've written so far can give you an idea of my writing style, and if you like it and feel that I could do your own ideas justice send me a PM and we'll go over the details and work out a fee.

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Latest Journal posted 31 Mar 2014

I just put this up on the marketplace. If you feel like supporting me a little, do think about commissioning me for a story. The info is here:

I really appreciate it!

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TMYN 1 week ago
You're stories are so amazing. They are like, book award amazing. Just, wow. Can't wait to see where some of them go.
BuckSaber 6 days ago
Thanks! :D
TMYN 5 days ago
There's no need to thank ME! I should be thanking you for giving me good stuff to read! XD and now I can't seem to get 'Animal' out of head since all this time....
Koukatsuke 2 weeks ago
I have been following your "Track and Field" Story for so long... even before i had a sofurry. X3 i almost died when i saw the story again as i re-found it! I loved it! so i gave yah a watch :D
BuckSaber 2 weeks ago
Awh, thanks sweetie! I appreciate it!
Koukatsuke 2 weeks ago
no need for thanks <3
ZackSpencer 1 month ago
Wow, you've got some really good stuff! Really love your stories! You have a really good way with words!
LeonToniWolfmaster 2 months ago
I want more New Generation of Heroes please!~
Io 3 months ago
I hope that you hade a Awesome Xmas & all the best in the coming New Year 2014!
Mehawk 4 months ago
Many thanks for the watch :3
eruge 4 months ago
yoww sent you a PM! (mostly praising your artwork, haha!) :D
Frosted_Fur 4 months ago
Your art man. It's all gorgeous.
BuckSaber 4 months ago
Thanks sweety, but your art is gorgeous too! I could stand to do more.
Remzix 6 months ago
You're from my hometown! Awesome!
Gruffy 11 months ago
DAmn, I didn't know you're BuckSaber now! *chuckle* So confused!