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dicks species I'm a freakin' human!

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Pokemon Red and Blue: Opening Title...
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Yogoloth 2 weeks ago
I'm hardly an artist, but here you go. Permission to repost if you like. *grins *
Ausfer 2 weeks ago
Hey, you know, that's really not bad at-GODDAMMNIT YOU GAVE HIM ADULT PARTS
Yogoloth 2 weeks ago
It's tasteful nudity! He's not aroused! No pink showing! *laughs*

I'm just trying my best to do justice to the awesome design Necro did! It would dishonour her work to not duplicate its features as accurately as possible!

I'm glad you like it. Next picture will be of your dragon mounting mine... *laughs, half joking*
sushiNstuff 2 weeks ago Happy B-day figured you could use a practical gift
Ausfer 2 weeks ago
So much awesome! Thank you!
sushiNstuff 1 week ago
feel free to repost if you want :3
Aehs 3 weeks ago
Really enjoying your Dragon Days comic. Your satire is great!
Ausfer 3 weeks ago
Thank you!
Sweet Leaf 1 month ago
Love the comics! :)
RWG 1 month ago
A very fine sense of humour you have, sir
Winter Raptor 1 month ago
"Species: I'm a freakin' human!"

But...*are* you!? D:
Ausfer 1 month ago
Klark 1 month ago
Hi Ausfer, just thought I'd let you know that I took your advice and made an account here! Can't say I'm entirely comfortable making an account on yet another furry website, but, I like the layout, so, might as well start uploading stuff here. Thanks!
Winter Raptor 1 month ago
Lert 1 month ago
Long time no chat! I was named "The_Drake", the first guy to commision you. Do you remember me? (9 I hope ))
Ausfer 1 month ago
Of course I remember you. I wrote up my first M/M story, with Kobal and Ethan, for your commission. How are things?
Lert 1 month ago
It goes well, It goes well! You've been movin up in the ranks, i see :P
Ausfer 1 month ago
I don't exactly know which ranks I've been moving up, but sure!
Lert 1 month ago
Browse > All Time by rating.

Your in there near the top, i believe I saw you :)
Ausfer 1 month ago
Ah, cool!
Shade667 1 month ago
Just marathoned the persistent dragon in a week. One of the best stories ive read, had me captivated the entire time. Got to the point where I was dreaming about it. Good stuff mate, cant wait for more.
Ausfer 1 month ago
You read the whole thing in a week? Holy crap. o_0 Glad you enjoyed it so much, though! Unfortunately, there will not be another chapter for a while.
Shade667 1 month ago
I read chapters 8-10 from like 11 to 3 in the morning. Had to force myself to stop and go to sleep before continuing. And ill live without another chapter for now. i think im burnt out on dragons for the time being lol.
Ausfer 1 month ago
There's so much porn in the story... each chapter is supposed to be read one at a time. XD
Shade667 1 month ago
That tends to be how it goes for my favourite erotic stories. I come for the sex, and stay for the characters and world... After I "finish" of course ;P
Alcuin Snowden 1 month ago
Your species still says: I'm a freaking human... ;)
Ausfer 1 month ago
And its going to stay that way. :)