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Well, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Lokan, a four armed, feathered wing minotaur.
I'm happily mated to a wonderful badger named avatar?user=75644&character=0&clevel=0 Pissy Badger
I'm mostly a writer, focusing on gay adult stories. Though typically my stories are considered yiff in nature, I like to add a lot of plot development to them. Technically, most of my stories can stand on their own even if I remove the sex. But, don't worry, I enjoy writing the sex scenes as much as the rest of the stories :P
I do enjoy writing a variety of stories, though most of them revolve around he fantasy genre. In addition, I do occasionally enjoy writing some soft vore.
Lately, I've been finding myself interested in gorillas, as such I've started a SoFurry groups revolving around them. It's called Male Gorilla. Some of my latest stories will feature a gorilla in one form or another.
I don't do commissions stories as I don't have much time to write to begin with. However, if there is a story idea you'd like to throw my way, feel free to suggest it to me.

species Minotaur
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 31 Dec 2012

Just wanted to wish you and your families a Happy New Year's Eve! May 2013 be prosperous and full of joy to you and all those around you!


kamienw 7 months ago
Awesome arts! Totally love them ^^
FruancJH 1 year ago
You're welcome for the watch even though it was like seven to ten months ago. I like your style keep up the good work.
Ligeron 1 year ago
No problem, I enjoy your art.
Finster Grinsen 1 year ago
All watches, favs and votes are earned by their receiver
Sabertooth1 1 year ago
No problem! Keep those sexy gorillas coming!
DragonFood 1 year ago
thanks for watchin :]
hoorsewiz 1 year ago
You're very welcome. Thanks for entertaining everyone who doesnt have an artistic bone in their bodies :)
Lokan 1 year ago
I try to do my best :)
drakoman 1 year ago
Heh. Not a problem.
You keep on drawin' and writing, I'll keep on faving. ;P
Sabertooth1 1 year ago
Love your sexy gorillas!
Ligeron 1 year ago
No prob, love your art.