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OC that i use a lot...

Brandon Casey

Eyes: Green (Blue in a diffrent light)

Hair: Black, long spikey

Skin: Tan, lightly brown but still a bit pale.

Clothing colors: White and blue (Or white and Black)

Past time: Games or writng


species Dragon/human
gender male from Dartmouth, Canada
loves Digimon, Dragon, Dragoness likes Fantasy, Female, Food tolerates Slavery, Solo, swearing hates vore
280 submissions 305,863 page views 2,685 comments received 1,032 comments posted 47,993 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 23 Mar 2014

anyone have Call of Duty Ghost? What about Minecraft? If you have ether or, add me at Eragon13666 and if you have MC then we shall make a world only used by us sofurry people! and no i don't have a mic atm  

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tempast 1 month ago
I think you need to continue the digi night series expecially since in the 2nd person to bring it up
Akanu 3 months ago
Are you gonna continue the digi night series?
Kerilus 3 months ago
Hey buddy! Out of Curiosity, did you ever find someone to fill in for that cover art?
eragon13666 3 months ago
As of right now, no
Kerilus 3 months ago
If I find time, I'll see what I can come up with! ^^
eragon13666 3 months ago
Well if ya want some of my idea for it, I have a few
Kerilus 3 months ago
Of course! Just P.M me or something and I'll see if I can do it or not!
xenolvr 9 months ago
when do u think your trilover story will be posted iv really been looking forward to it
Akridslayer21 11 months ago
So how long do you think I going to be till you put up the next page
Akridslayer21 11 months ago
Dude your falling behind
xenolvr 11 months ago
hey i really love your dragon trilover series i cant wait for the rest of it please please continue it!
Akridslayer21 1 year ago
Besides you said you were going to put changeling hearts on hold I can't believe your breaking your promise fucker
eragon13666 1 year ago
i am working on it, that was where i left off and sein ghow ive been sick i thought i add at least something.
Akridslayer21 1 year ago
Dude your a fucking lier you are never going to put up the next half of that dragon story you suck
Thanks for answering me can we be friends