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Mainly a writer who dabbles in sketching from time to time. Been a passive part of the furry community for years, just like to put the art out there and view it.

And, by the way, I'm the real, original Calypso, author of works like "Love For All Seasons" and "Left." If you see my work elsewhere, please let me know.
species Wolf
gender male
loves Canine, Tiger, White Tiger likes Demon, Dragon, Equine tolerates Avian, Bovine, Cervine
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Latest Journal posted 26 Jan 2011

Hey everybody! I know I started everyone on a roll by posting a chapter a week of "The Crown," and then suddenly stopped posting. I'm sorry! When I first started, I had already written around five chapters, and it was easy to keep up for a while. Then, I started getting closer and closer to posting everything I had, and I hadn't written anything new! With the holidays and my social calendar, plus my creative juices not seeming to flow and a lack of inspiration, it's been slow-going to get Chapter Nine off the ground. I promise, I HAVE been working on it, but sometimes I'll only add a sentence or two here or there, simply because I just can't seem to get motivated to keep going with it.

I wanted to post to let you all know that I apologize for getting everyone's hopes up and then halting production halfway through. I really would like to finish Yang-Wo's and Xeneth's story, but the inspiration is severely lacking right now, and I really don't want to force it.

Hence, for now, "The Crown"...


Celestiality 1 year ago
You're very welcome. I very much enjoyed those stories. :3
BobbyTigre 1 year ago
thx for watch! <3
BobbyTigre 1 year ago
thx for watch! <3
alakai 2 years ago
Your welcome!! And I can't wait to see more installments to "the crown"!!
zair 2 years ago
evening =^^=
Jak Shim 4 years ago
This person's stories inspired me to have another stab at having a relationship...
Long story short, I now have a boyfriend and am very happy indeed!

Thanks again, Calypso!
Calypso the Wolf 4 years ago
*Hugs!* You're welcome! Wow, I'm so happy to hear you've found someone for you. If my stories were able to inspire that kind of romance, then I feel officially fulfilled :3
MrMewMew 4 years ago
Hey, how've you been? Just wanted to say thanks for all your works, they're inspirational and awesome. (Not to mention 'fun' :P) Hope you've been doing better since your breakup. We're still here for you! :3 *Hugs*
Calypso the Wolf 4 years ago
Thank you sweetie! *hug* I'm doing great, actually. Working more, getting my shit together. I'm glad to have him out of my life. Now I can focus more on writing, hopefully! Look forward to some more stuff from me <3
Lyone 4 years ago
DAMN! I've read all you have written!! Calypso I am captivated by every piece of work you post and hope you will gladly post more in the near future for me to read. There are really next to no authors out there that can compare to you <3
Calypso the Wolf 4 years ago
You're so sweet! Thanks so much Lyone. I really appreciate all the comments you've given me on my work. And of course, there's more to come :D
EosFoxx 4 years ago
thank you very very much for the watch <3!
geneseepaws 4 years ago
I'm mated closed, you're mated closed. Just saying, ---it's a good thing!