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Disclaimer: I used to be under the name Neoj Fox (from January 2010 - November 2013).

Hiya, my name is Sam - Forrest is my fursona's name. I'm a fox-raccoon with markings of both species across my body (see reference sheet below). My fursona is exactly like me in real life. I enjoy furry artwork and the likes, but I'm more of a fan from a distance nowadays. I'll probably have a picture drawn of my character from time to time and maybe post some of my photography or music, but that's really the extent of it.

My banner is my fursona's name sumperimposed onto the album artwork of "Daisy" by a band named Brand New. Highly recommend.

Fursona Reference Sheet: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12210987/

Reference Sheet and Icon both by Felisrandomis

(Places You Will Find Me):

FurAffinity: Forrest Rouxaveur

Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/profile/forrestrouxaveur

Twitter: https://twitter.com/foxcoonofwallst

"You were once wild here, don't let them tame you." 

- Isadora Duncan

species Fox/Raccoon
gender male from United States
19 submissions 17,395 page views 104 comments received 65 comments posted 6,183 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 24 Dec 2013

Yeah, so it's been like two years since I have posted any content. I guess this is the post where I'll explain why.

You might remember me as Neoj or Neoj Fox. As you can see, several things have changed. Well, to begin, I just kind of stopped being active in the fandom, and I'm not really sure why. I just became inactive and didn't want to post anymore. But now I am back, but with a fresh start. I've ditched my early fandom roots - as in all the shit songs and stories I used to write. I've matured since then and am on to bigger and better things. Also, I never had a fursona...Neoj was just kind of a name...but now I have a full fleshed out fursona, Forrest Rouxaveur. He is literally me if I had fur. We are no different. Here's his reference sheet if you are curious:


So the future? Well, I plan on making some more music, but it will actually be good this time. I will also contribute photography to the fandom as well, a hobby I really love an...

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XeeTaah 3 weeks ago
Hey Are you alive ?
Arogard 3 years ago
aye, very nice selection ^^ and i have similar tastes in music as well, i'm more of a keyboard and ele. bass, so do you have an AIM or MSN?
Forrest Rouxaveur 3 years ago
Thanks, means a lot!

No sorry I don't have either, maybe I'll get one though.
Arogard 3 years ago
hehehe if you get either hit me up ^^i'd love to meet someone new ^.-
Forrest Rouxaveur 3 years ago
Will Do! But PM here and we can get to know each other!
BlueSun 4 years ago
Hi there ^^ About the watch: My pleasure ^^ Oh, and wonderful avatar! So cute and gorgeous! <3 ^///^
Dobies 4 years ago
Hiyas!! Thanks for the watch!!
runtt 4 years ago
It awesome how you and I have a little in common. Halloween 1 & 2 happen to be my favorite horror films. I love the genre. And, one of my favorite bands is Death Cab for Cutey. I happened to have had the good luck to see them live, twice. Thanks for favin' and votin'! "^_^"
DustyDingo 4 years ago
thanks for the fav
AirwalkDC 4 years ago
Hey, love your avatar, very cute!
Asherkun 4 years ago
thanks for the watch! ^^ and adorable avatar hehe
Angel the vampiric 4 years ago
bad avatar, mine sucks
Rakko 4 years ago
Hey, thanks for the watch :3