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Hi! Welcome to my page! The name is Ice and I'm a red fox from Canada, eh? I've also been known to be a dalmatian, yautja, horse, or some kind of lizard from time to time. I'm a freelance photographer, music producer, and graphic designer. In my spare time I like to geek out on copious amounts of Sci-Fi. That's how I nerd.

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Latest Journal posted 19 Feb 2013

Hey guys!

Just released a couple of remixes of We Make the Music by Oddy and Mr. Rush over at bandcamp! =D


They're pay whatever you want! Check it out! =D

- Ice Foxx

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Duo Theus 5 months ago
Very welcome, curious to know things and possibly ask if you have time
icefoxx 5 months ago
Send me a PM if you want! ^^;
Duo Theus 5 months ago
I shall indeed yes
Duxton 5 months ago
Sure! Love the pictures. Gonna have to check out some of your music, too! :)
Tamama 1 year ago
Your tracks are gorgeous ;3 xxx
icefoxx 1 year ago
Thanks! =3
Wolfyprinceguy 1 year ago
Nice i lover ur furry photos the guys and girls nice man!
Mordecai 1 year ago
Loving your suits! ^_^
icefoxx 1 year ago
Thank you! =D
Solarian 1 year ago
I think FrostHoof is beginning to be my favorite. You'd better get pictures up asap when you get the tail and hooves in, or else boi. :)
icefoxx 1 year ago
You better believe I will! =3
Lliam Wiskee 1 year ago
your welcome ^_^
james-the-dragon 2 years ago
no problem i love the pic's
pawnytail 2 years ago
hey there :)
icefoxx 2 years ago
Hello! =3
NavaronShiba 2 years ago
you're welcome