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I'm Xianyu. I'm a mod. avatar?user=152028&character=0&clevel=0 Kythalia is mine. I'm a fucking brony. Don't like it? IDGAF & GTFO. Have some pictures.


By the wonderful avatar?user=15160&character=0&clevel=0 Haiku

As you can see, the Xianyu Furdrake is feral. IE;


I don't see a goddamn lap, do you?!

species Furdrake/Fennec
gender male from I live in a toooown, in Australia
loves Dinosaur, Dragon, Gryphon likes rough sex, young tolerates Stretching, Sweat hates Date rape, Teasing
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Latest Journal posted 18 Oct 2013

Whose goddamn idea was it to make vulpix and growlithe not available for pokemon x or y?!

Now no ninetales until, bloody, Christmas! >.<

I need people to gimme their friend codes so I can add them all and hopefully, one of you limey bastards will have fire as your type and have the one-in-a-million shot at having vulpix show up in the friend safari.

The lengths I go to for my favorite pokemon...

*edit* Oh right, my friend code: 3110-4904-0218

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ScruffyTheFox 2 months ago
Just to say, i loled when i saw you banned tuts for a extra month. "Huu hurr the filth wont come off" lol
capthavoc123 2 months ago
Thanks for watching and faving!
Applewood 3 months ago
Well that was certainly the best Silver Spoon story I've ever read!
Rasorbeam77 3 months ago
I love ur storys but i do have a question, did u quit making pokemon storys or am i just missing em? i woude love to see a continue or finish of "To the victor's goes the spoils" (srry if i misspelled or missfrased it)
Sveargeith 3 months ago
i now have a large amount of reading material TY kind sir
unintended dragon 6 months ago
Okay Xianu, you got me with the dragon's lair :)

I have to admit its cozy!
Certo 6 months ago
*Licks a noodledragon~*
Rajima Velvetpaws 7 months ago
I require more Rainbow Dash smut!
steel6666dragon 7 months ago
WOOOO MORE PONYS!! XD..awsome..ill start in on these soon as i have enought time to read em all^^
rater435 7 months ago
Poke. :D