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by twinkle    3 years ago    

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Latest Journal posted 16 May 2010

I noticed strange thing: sometimes im receiving comments which appear in logbook, but then when i want to reply to them and click "Goto" link there is no such comment. Does anybody have such problem?

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Khaesho Scorpent 2 months ago
Come back Twink!
Toumal 3 months ago
Pleeeease post your new works, they're so nice <3
DJGoo 5 months ago
There are not NEARLY enough shouts here, NOR ACTIVITY. WHERE HAZ TWINKLE GONE?!
LeiLani 1 year ago
You've been quiet lately. =(
LightRayne 1 year ago
I think I love you...
Forge 1 year ago
Oh good i was watching you :D
Lupine Assassin 2 years ago
Hope to hear from you soon. :)
Markhale 2 years ago
Goodness, finally found you!:D Amazingly awesome artwork, Hun!:3
saw gunner 2 years ago
LOVE your monkey art!! :x
BigLutris 3 years ago
mrr mrr ... nice stuff :3