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About Alathazar Sajuuk

Alathazar Sajuuk. Commonly referred to as just Sajuuk by her friends and family.

She's an interesting one really. Been through a lot in the ninety thousand years she's been on the planet. Yes, she's old however she's not showing in the slightest. She's kind, loving, friendly, always looks forward to making a new friend, and is generally ready to ride or be ridden on a nearly hourly basis, when in heat that is... ;)

She's a master elemental user, among other unique powers, training for half her life paid for that much. That and the last thousand years she's studied under the martial arts form Goju, mostly just to keep her body and mind in a never-ending state of focus. Meditation makes up part of her daily activities but only a small portion of it unless there's a reason to extend the duration. Battles tend to take up another portion of her days as challenges to her position on the throne are too often made. So she's a busy bee at times. Likes it that way.

Now a little of her history...

Sajuuk is one of the last from the Progenitor Dragons. They were, in short, the first generation race of the dragon line back when the gods didn't know what to have them like. Imbuing in them the power of a minor demigod for each individual dragon turned out to be a bad idea. This therein turned entirely south for them as the planet became a battleground contested by the Progenitors and the other five original types of dragon. The lesser dragons lost and split apart around the world, thus becoming as they are now, less friendly to one another, constantly holding those grudges against the other types for reasons even they don't know.

The gods saw fit to send a single being, know known as a "Neutral God" or one who has no real alignment to any one other being on any side, but does what is needed to keep balance, to kill off the entire race as they showed a potential threat to the gods themselves. The being went by the name of The Host. He disposed of entire colonies within minutes before moving onto the next camp or grouping, taking his time the whole way. Veiran, Sajuuk's father, hid the egg, that held the Progenitor of today, and preserved it so that one day his daughter may live without having seen the evil that surrounded them all, and to keep her safe from The Host. It worked to say the least and Sajuuk's father was spared; a single Progenitor was of no threat to the world.

The one thing that her father found odd was that she was born as a hermaphrodite. However this changed recently as her body was still in the act of transitioning to one gender. She's fully female now.

Physical Info:

Title and NameProgenitor-Alathazar Sajuuk Evellyn Moreign

Age: Roughly 90,000 Years (Looks like 25-26)

Race: Progenitor Alathazar ( Means First of the Red Dragoness)

Height: Usually stands around 5'9" tall, which happens to be a little short in terms of how tall a dragoness usually is.

Build and Mindset: Lithe would be a good word here. She's what one might call 'athletic' in terms of anatomy, and rather powerful at that. Due to her originally being more male than female, she's physically equal to a male of her race, while the transition of genders allowed her to retain the form of a woman. She's a female through and through in her mind. Being a mother has brought out a bit more 'dominant' side out of her as well and she enjoys teaching and helping people in every way imaginable.

Her head is much like it is in her feral form, and she is winged unlike some dragons. Deep red with a slight gold hue to the edges of each scale, giving her a soft glow to some. Her eyes are a deep, deep, blue when she's in this form, piercing and appear to glow.

Her feral form speaks for itself. She can shift into a smaller or larger form of herself, up to the size in the picture, so no worries about her being "too small" for someone. *wink*

Feral Sajuuk:

(As of late, and due to her entrance into motherhood, she's taken to wearing something and acting more 'lady-like'.)

"Sajuuk wears a knee length black skirt and a matching black top, with a bra for her 28 C breasts, and a pair of white silk panties. She wears white gloves too, on her hands, legs, and her tail, the type that meld to your skin like latex, and has a little white flower on her head tucked into a crease of a horn. The gloves on her hands go from her fingertips to just before her shoulder, the gloves on her legs are to the middle of her thighs from her toes, and the glove on her tail stretch to the base from the tip, conforming with her scales."

Personal Likes: Preferably young males/females her age or younger (Underage characters included. ;D), early dom/ending sub (For males.), people who care to chat for a bit before humping her (Big one.), teaching, mild bondage, stuffing, double penetration, biting, clawing, vaginal, anal, reverse cowgirl (<3), most critters out there (Preference to the creative-minded. <3), etc, etc... (Ask and she might say yes. Varies depending on her mood... ;D)

Personal Dislikes: Rape scenarios (Nothing relating to this, regardless. Don't ask.), overbearing bondage (Restricting all movement.), over inflation or extremely disproportionate anatomy (I.E. swelling like a balloon from one's seed filling her, overly large breasts, etc. Have some realistic anatomy at least.), extreme pain/discomfort (Weapon involvement; whips and the like.), etc, etc... (Remember, ask before you try something. If you don't, I'll simply ignore you.)



~~The single largest thing that will keep me interested above all else is someone who posts more than something that's related to "text-talk". If you cannot devote enough effort to typing out 'you' or 'are' and can't include at least decent grammar/punctuation, then we'll have a short interaction period. Don't try it with me. There's nothing more of a turn-off than someone who cannot give at LEAST that.~~

~~Also, not a grammar nazi but at least attempt to spell correctly. If you cannot spell a word on your own, google is very simple to work with. One or two mistakes is alright here and there, but at least TRY. Otherwise, I'll call you out on it and possibly ignore you if it happens repeatedly. I put a decent amount of effort into this character and I would appreciate it if you didn't do one-liners either unless you're just chatting out-of-character. If it's in-character, throw out a little description to give me an idea of what I'm looking at and please do a decent reply; a reply that's sized to the other's is generally seen as fair in my eyes and that's what I follow as well. Do that and I'll probably stick around.~~ (~_^)


Thanks for reading and pop me a message if you want. I'll see ya around...



|Mated to the lovely Alaric ~<3|

The three babies' names are below:

Karl Gzeneir Moreign - Baby of smallbunny (Markus Reichtsmann)

Alicia Vera Moreign - Baby of Steel Ankh

Valor Etheria Moreign - Baby of Stratos (Adopted Father)

(Minor Note: Ignore the 'Likes and Dislikes' I have in the other section. It's old and I'm too lazy to change it. :P)

species Progenitor Red Dragoness (Read profile - Whisper Friendly.)
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Latest Journal posted 17 Jan 2014

Okay so, there are a few things I will be addressing here in this journal, for anyone who cares of course, and if I have to reiterate this to anyone via PM they'll be ignored from that point further too.

I've had this little issue as of late with people on the site. I didn't think it needed a journal to get the message across, but that's what I get for being conservative about the whole deal. So it goes like this:

Just because I did some kind of roleplay with you, erotic or not, or you liked something of mine, or you think I'm sexy or whatever, just realize that doesn't mean I'm going to accept any friend requests. You have to actually do something to peak my interest for that to happen and actually show some friendly interaction with me, not just my character. I'm not a dragoness, I'm a normal person here and I'm pretty sure what I'm dealing with on this site is the same as any actual female does anywhere else.

If this is a shock to you...

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FurFreak 1 month ago
Ladies and gentleman let me introduce to you one of the most sexy, fun, and otherwise amazing dragonesses out there! Aaalathazar Sajuuuuuk!!!
Alathazar Sajuuk 1 month ago
^w^ You're so sweet! <3
FurFreak 1 month ago
Thankies, it comes naturally. ^-^
Makaidos 2 months ago
*Curls up on the dragon's back*

Missing you!
valereth 3 months ago
You are welcome
GoldenEmotions 3 months ago
Hey there,
Just randomly coming across this page, but let me wish you a merry Christmas and a great time those last days of the year. :)
FurFreak 3 months ago
Hello, seem to have missed you in the chat. Would you care to talk sometime?
Alathazar Sajuuk 3 months ago
Sure! I'll get on on now if you like? :D
FurFreak 3 months ago
Alright sounds good. ^-^;
Shadow Demon 6 months ago
Alathazar Sajuuk 6 months ago
Yes my sweet? :3
Shadow Demon 6 months ago
You should text me. I really miss talking with you.
setherin the gryph 7 months ago
Surprisingly have all common interests and dislikes from what I read on the profile here. ^.=.^ Would love to chat and know more about ya!
Alathazar Sajuuk 7 months ago
Yay! ^.=.^

Always fun to get to know other dragons. Too few are actually nice to know.
Alathazar Sajuuk 8 months ago
Anything for you sexy... ;)
Wounded Knee 8 months ago
Thanks for accepting my friend request.
Stratos 1 year ago
Miss you!