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About Darrell Lane
He is dark blue dragon with a greenish blue underbelly. If you want to know more ask. If not then meh... oh well.

For those of you that know me and have known me for awhile you know I won't lead you wrong.

There is a new and upcoming writer by the name of Everlast on the site. He has caught my attention with one of the most detailed and grammatically correct Spyro stories that I personally have ever seen written on this site. I think he should be noticed for his efforts and for that I will be advertising his Spyro stories on my profile. If he says he doesn't want this... I will take the advertisement down but as of now it will be. If you all are fans of Spyro then read his stories... They aren't erotic as of yet but they are adorable. He displays the relationship between Spyro and Cynder very well and... I could go on and on about it.. Just go read it. Watch and Fav him. Hes a great writer.

Here is a link to the story... Chapter 1 --->
species Feral Ice Dragon
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A friend of mine from FurAffinity is Livestreaming his Resident Evil 2 Gameplay! Show him some love and come view it RE fans! :D


Krown 8 months ago
First, thanks for the watch. Second, I've got two other stories I want to do before I get back to it. But it is on my personal to do list. Just gonna be a while. Thanks for your concern.
Metal Renamon 8 months ago
Thanks for da watch <3
Everlast 8 months ago
Thanks for vote, fav and all that! Thanks for everything
Chazzy 10 months ago
My gosh. Darrell?! o_o Saw that you messaged me in the chat. I almost didn't recognize you. It'd be nice to talk and catch up again, so feel free to drop me a line anytime! Been wondering where you ran off to. xD
Shelby 3 years ago
*Would like to add his to sense* >.> Hey brother!
Alastar Aindreas 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch ^.=.^ Uploaded a new chapter if you're interested.
satii 3 years ago
thanks for the watch
please comment on whatever you read
TheZero 3 years ago
Hello, watcher, I would like to say I'm alive and my computer is broke so I have not been uploading, also, when my computer is fixed expect more frequently. That is all.
Damaged 3 years ago
Thanks for reading and faving :)
Damaged 3 years ago
And watching ^_^
Damaged 3 years ago
And voting, zomg! :)

TripleX 3 years ago
Here just like everyone else. So yeah, thanks for the watch. ^^