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Physically male, which sucks. Working on it though :3

I have about 50 or so stories floating around my head that I just think of. Most of them are stupid and don't make it to WordPad. The others get to WordPad but don't get here. And then there's the good ones. ;)

I live in the USA (such as it is...).
species Dragon
gender female from Tallmadge, OH, USA
loves M/M/F, Sci-Fi, Transformation likes M/F, M/M tolerates Gay Pride, Minor Bondage
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Latest Journal posted 13 Feb 2012

When did this website become so much faster? o3o

Lots of stuff's been happening to me since I last visited here.

First, switched colleges.

Second, switched boyfriends.

Third (starting to, anyway), switched genders.

That last one's probably the biggest change >,>

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whitecrow323 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave
Nile the Buizel 3 years ago
Fuck! I just lost it... =/
Sagaron 3 years ago
OH thanks! I read personal info box on your user page. A Half-Life story? Sounds interesting! I'll be watchin"
Clyde Stale 3 years ago
Your avatar just made me so angry i just had to yell FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU... :p
sluty-little-fox 3 years ago
i forgot where we are dining tonight. lol love that pic ^^
thelastgasp 3 years ago
thanks for watching, anything in particular you want to see more of?
RandomManOfDOOM 3 years ago
not really, just keep up the fabulous writing!
yerkelayh 4 years ago
I like your Carl Sagan banner. I am a big fan of his.
RandomManOfDOOM 3 years ago
Axanis 4 years ago
like the "can't believe its not Madness" avatar LOL'd hard and the other one's pretty good too.....XD
RandomManOfDOOM 4 years ago
RandomManOfDOOM 4 years ago
Heh, the most recent journal looks weird on this page...
Sir Magus 4 years ago
Thanks for the comment. I fixed it with the Microsoft Security Essential. I hope and pray that it keeps things like that from every happening. Anywho I thank you, for the concern I fact for a gesture of your caring, I shall and will watch you. Thanks again.
Sir Magus 4 years ago
so for the copy and paste of this bu thanks again.