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"When you write by hand, there is a pulse, a sound you feel... a special relation between the pen, the hand and the elbow."  a quote from Bonsai (a movie)

These sentences, that I am writing, will hold warmth.  That is because I am writing them on paper, in a book that has a dragon print.  One day, I hope to find one with a rat cover.

I had forgotten the feel of my marks, my sentences because I was foolish to believe my penmanship was ostrocious, yet a part of me continued to yearn to leave my marks, my words on paper.  This is thanks to my close friend, Panda.  It may embarrass him to know that he is among the many beautiful sparkles that exist in my soul, with them all, I learn more about myself and grow.

The person I am (becoming) can be credited to anyone that has, at some point, made their influences upon me.  I thank myself for living because without my life, nothing of me would had ever existed. 

I am myself as a human and as a rat and as a writer.

I have taken the name Rittin Ratfurr.  Ratfurr is my very first rat character in my first furry story.  Rittin is me as a character for a story that I wrote for my friend many years ago.  My design was spontanious on the day I became a furry.

The hour is late and it is time for me to end this new joy.  Let my words from paper and my words of type vibrate the differences of me come through.



My name is Rittin Ratfurr, Rattie to most.  I am the typical blue furred rodent with violet highlights.  I do have a white underbelly and a dumbo kind of rat.  My paws and tail have a dirty beige coloring while my eyes, nose, and inner ears have a pink to them. 

I have gotten into the writing part of the fandom due to the homo-erotic furry fiction that was brought to my attention a few years ago.  Since then, I have fallen in love with the writ and inspired to create some of my own.  I have a long way to go but I could not have considered this passion, even when I had tried over ten years ago under "normal" practices.  It was more than luck that my path came upon this new venture, for that I thank my Cousin Husky and my own interest in reading.

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Latest Journal posted 23 Sep 2013

A long-long time ago, there was a boy who asked for a kiss and I refused.  It would not be difficult to imagine a young virgin overflowing with insecurities.  It would be understandable to know the warmth of such desires for a young man, but an ounce of nervousness would always prevail over a passionate whim of another more confident (regardless of how heated and attractive the moment was).  Perhaps another who gave in to the moment, his heart would have exploded with excitement.  My heart grew a bitter taste for the first boy to offer his warm inviting lips. 

The memory exists like a shadow but I won't forget. 

We were watching "The Lord of the Flies" when he appeared by my side and kneel down.  He looked up at me with a charming smile.  There was a nerving playfulness dancing in his eyes.  He calmly said, "I want to kiss you."  I only stared back, silent and shocked.  The rest of the class turn their attent...

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I am writing a rat specific story, but its slow going and there isn't enough to post right now.
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I misses you
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