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About Zaildark
Oooo what to say what to say?

Well if you haven't noticed, I am in fact a blue and black striped tiger with light gray fur on most of the undersides of my anatomy and stomach/chest.

I'm about 5'10' 160lbs? A little on the small side for tigers but, I make up for it on the inside.

I'm usually pretty outgoing and silly very silly...
Generally in a good mood and love meeting new people and exploring new places. Inspiration strikes in the weirdest places and i could use all the inspiration i can get my grubby little paws around ;)

I'm an animator; Graduated from The Art Institute of Vancouver a little while ago.
I love to draw, especially really delicious ideas.

Watch movies all the time. Cartoons, Live action; doesn't matter as long as it's done well and has a great story.

I like outdoorsy type stuff, Rollerblading, hiking, or just wandering about the city is good enough for me; I don't like to be in the same place for too long, I get bored easily but i have a way of entertaining my self usually anyway heh.

I'm currently working on a bunch of little things and hope to eventually get some decent work up here. Mostly though it will be finished sketches and the like since I don't usually finish full colour pictures unless it's for someone.... or something.

at the end of the day. I just like to be me; and like to hang out with those who like to be themselves.

Got somethin' to say to me?!
message me! or even e-mail me if it's really important.

can't think of anything else to add soooooo ask me if you must know!

species Blue Tiger
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 27 Apr 2012

Alright so after a bunch of depression and hopelessness, I'm finally starting to feel somewhat decent. A month and a half into my vision therapy and things are going good so far! The last couple of days I've actually been feeling good enough to know I'm finally heading out of this mess and moving onto the next phase, not that I'm out of the woods yet but at least I can see some light. Started taking some 5-HTP and Tyrosine to help with serotonin and dopamine which has been fairly depleted over the last while and I'm taking (and staying on) antidepressants, anxiety meds and vitamins, which I was really bad for just running out and not getting more previously, and am working on my Zen and CBT so we'll see how things go but I feel better than I have in quite some time. Still a little early yet but I will be opening up commissions at some point in the future and will try to get some samples and scales up etc. (I just broke my tablet in a fit of frustration lol go me) Anyway thats it for now. Stay tuned!

Draikyr 1 year ago
Thanks for drawin' the pic for me :D
Hope you like yours! ^^
Zaildark 1 year ago
Zaildark 2 years ago
You suck balls faggot!