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Welcome to my gallery!


About me:

I'm a male programmer guy who likes playing PC games, programming and of coooouurse... drawing naughty stuff. Coding is what I do most of the time and I do it in pretty different areas (application development, gamehacking/-programming and a tons of webprogramming, also server administration).


I've (re)started to draw in early 2010 which might be an explanation for my art not being so good, but anyway: I'm constantly trying to improve myself.

The things I like to draw are mostly demons and scaled fellas which are doing dirty things. You have been warned!


Feel free to leave comments on my pics. Constructive critics are always welcome. ;] And I love comments :U


I like to get to talk to new people and am a pretty open person when it's about that. Feel free to ask me for my IMs.

Notice: Please do not ask me for IMs if you just want to rp.

Notice: Please do not send me random friend requests. I will not accept them if I don't know you.




- Requests: Nope. Not doing them.

- Trades: Not at the moment.

- Commissions: Nope.



"If you want to kill a lot of Goblins, just make sure your defenses look like fun"

species Draconian
gender male
loves Adult, BDSM, Balls likes 8-bit, Alligator, Alternate Society hates Babyfur, Depressing, Emo
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Latest Journal posted 10 Mar 2012

Well I was kinda too lazy to use SoFurry for a long time, but now that I see that the SF administration did exceptionally good work on this website I think it's time to use this account parallel to my FA account.
I've also uploaded a few of my newer pics here, too now and will maintain the gallery here too.

Just to say it again: My respect to the developers of this page (even though I personally would have written everything from scratch instead of using the YII PHP Framework P:). I really like what you've made out of this!


-- Black

Teiran 6 months ago
thanks for being my 750th watcher! what made you follow me :)
Toumal 1 year ago
RongYao 1 year ago
Yo, what up!? ;)
My message is on your page!
blackscale 1 year ago
RongYao 1 year ago
rawr >.> I expected another reaction.
blackscale 1 year ago
xP Just kidding, silly!
TitaniumHavok 2 years ago
Megalodon 2 years ago
Heh...No problem, dude. :)
Mehawk 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch ^^
blackscale 2 years ago
You're welcome. Just watching the people from FA over here too after re-activating this account.