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Latest Journal posted 05 Sep 2012

Well i had a great weekend at MFM. It was fun as always, got to meet my all my furry friends and hang with them. Finially got to properly debut my new corgi fursuit and had a blast, even wore him 12 hours straight on sunday. Well now all of MFM knows i am ticklish and sound like a tickle-me-elmo, now i am the tickle-me-corgi. Could hardly walk anywhere without someone getting me. Was all excited to meet one of my absolute favorite artist, Michele Light and her mom, they were awesome and really cute and got a super cute badge done by her. Can't wait till next year.


Syn_and_Cynaria 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch! I'm so thankful for your support!

<3 Cynaria
JA Red Wolf 1 year ago
Happy New it Sterling? I beg pardon if its incorrect! Anyway...*gives the corgi a New Years glomp* =^_^=
bdever 1 year ago
WPMSpup 1 year ago
Mad props for the art!
bdever 1 year ago
JA Red Wolf 1 year ago
I wager that somewhere in you closet is a shirt that reads "Corgis are like potato chips! One is never enough!" Lol!
bdever 1 year ago
One is definetly not enough.
John the collie 3 years ago
Sweet another collie=)
Neomi 3 years ago
Gotta say i just adore your art =^_^=
awash2004 3 years ago
cool art
LoneWolfSniper 3 years ago
Hey, thanks for the watch. I hope you like whatever you read. Cheers!
wolfboy150 4 years ago
your a great artiest ^^ keep up the good work
carlos_penguin 4 years ago
Great art and compositions. Thank you!