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About Dahlia
I am spending my spare time between Secondlife and reading stories here.

Stories and pictures I favorite either for quality or content, they do not have to be about special kinks, I consider it a list of things i consider jobs done well or good ideas.

My interests are reading, taking pictures and roleplaying, free form.

I thank here everyone Faving me and giving shiney stars!
I only respond to comments and do not go around thanking each watch and fav, i spend the time to add more to my site instead so you have more pictures to look on!

Thats all for now!

species Pounce
gender female
loves Anatomically Correct, Anthro, Bad Language tolerates Gay
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Latest Artwork

Latest Journal posted 01 Jun 2011

I will keep making pictures of me but with sims in SL i think are high quality as background.

I will try to outfit myself fitting to the theme and then make an list of where i found what i wear and how i combined it.

Maybe in between a nice bikini shot to show of the new things i found to wear (few sims do demand that to wear though while exploring)

If someone has special ideas and wishes about pictures send mail!


EXos 1 week ago
Thank you for the watch and votes. :)
TheMasturbatingBear 1 month ago
Hard to believe that such good art came from an ugly soul.
shiantar 1 month ago
Thanks for the fave!
SurryKitten 1 month ago
Thank you for the watch :3
Silversmith 2 months ago
It's been too long my dear. Good to see you again, and thank you for watching.
JonaWolf 4 months ago
Thanks for the watch!
Harrar SwiftFang 4 months ago
Thank you for the watch. Haven posted a story for a while, but there will be coming one soon.
huskyhuskyhusky 7 months ago
Thanks so much for the watch! ^_^
Windrider37 7 months ago
thanks for the watch and such! ^.=.^
Aesan 8 months ago
Thank you very much for the watch. It's greatly appreciated!