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About Louis Timberwolf
I'm just an ordinary timber wolf. I've been writing stories since a few years ago. I didn't have any inspirations to show them to the public because I'm a pretty shy guy. I'm easily embarrassed whenever people glare at me. I'm anti-social to the people I don't know. But when I knew them well enough, I could chat for hours. I'm very curious at a lot of stuff, and very understanding. I have a high voice (which made everyone think I'm a girl) and am always optimistic. I'm very calm and rarely get angry at people. Sadly, I'm very forgetful and stubborn. I also have poor eyesight.

I'm capable in some sports like swimming and tennis and have entered some of those competition. I've also taken up some archery classes over the weekends and martial arts. I also have some talents on singing.

If you want to have a private chat(through email), you can use this address:
species Timberwolf
gender male
loves Action, Comedy, Drama likes Arctic Fox, Arctic Wolf, Canine hates Bee, Insect, bug
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Latest Journal posted 06 Jun 2010

It really has been a while since I've posted one of these. In these few weeks, I've been thinking about the path I've chosen. Seeing myself as a single young man undergoing his studies, I still haven't noticed wheteher or not my path is the one for me. College is the one place where you follow the road towards your dreams. But as time progresses, we would have more dreams to acomplish. There are some people whose dreams are shattered as they follow their path. I was deliberating between two big dreams. I would have to surrender either one of them to proceed with my life, but was my decision the right one? 've made many mistakes in my life, but if this decision becomes one of them, I don't know what I'll say or do anymore. My cousin has the same problem as well. He also can't make up his mind in his own life, a dillema he has faced for years now. I was never the brightest one around, but I know I'll have to make this decision sooner than later. Time can be our ally. He can support you as you grow older. B...

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Lucent 4 years ago
Well Mr. Timberwolf, your story series is very good, good character description, very nice environment description while still leaving enough to the readers imagination and just long enough to leave you wanting more of it. All in all a very well written story series. So when can we expect more?
Louis Timberwolf 4 years ago
Well, right now, I'll be having a very busy month, but I'll try to update the story as soon as I can. Oh, please call me Louis. Mr. Timberwolf makes me sound really old...

Louis Angelus Timberwolf
Icowom 4 years ago
Oh youre new here, hi then and welcome to Sofurry :-)
Louis Timberwolf 4 years ago