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About yadre
Gender: Male-to-Female Transgender
Species: Blue (Maltese) Tiger
Orientation: Omnisexual, Submissive
Relationship Status: My boyfriend/Master is Yuki (he's a sexy red dragon <3), we've been together for over three years :).
Cons Attended: Midwest Furfest (2009, 2010) and IndyFurCon (2010, 2011, 2012)

*waves* I'm a furry writer. I've been told by credible sources that I'm very nerdy, cheerful, friendly, and subby. I work retail, have a B.A. English (with a double minor in History and Women and Gender Studies) from the University of Illinois. Outside of furry, my interests include science fiction, superheroes, gaming, sports, and more ^_^

My characters belong to me. Please do not use them without my express permission.
species blue tiger
gender female from Providence, RI
95 submissions 67,699 page views 328 comments received 154 comments posted 8,216 profile views
Latest Journal posted 25 May 2013

So, if the Red Wings end up winning their series against the heavily favored Blackhawks, does any Red Wings fan who's reading this want to make me (a Blackhawks fan) feel better by humiliating me in art? You know, something like me wearing a Blackhawks jersey, you wearing a Red Wings jersey, and spanking me with a hockey stick? Or something? Or making me suck your dick (or lick your cunt, etc)? Or watersports? Or anything especially humiliating that tickles your fancy?

(Hi! I'm Yadre! I'm totally not weird!)

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Royal wolf knight 4 months ago
*pokes* o3o
PepperThePoochyena 1 year ago
Yup. A few things I've seen, I've taken a liking to.
yadre 1 year ago
Tell me more? <3 (In a private message if you want ^_^)
PepperThePoochyena 1 year ago
Why hello there, you. Some of the pictures in your gallery have me interested in ya.
yadre 1 year ago
Oh yeah? :D
tristanthilorn 1 year ago
Absolutely no problem! ^_^
Duo Theus 1 year ago
~slaps the females butt~ Everyone gets at least one, unless I like them or they ask for more. Though I love lady butts far more then males, and you have quite the lovely one
yadre 1 year ago
icon_redface.gif Thank you, feel free to give it a nice smack whenever you want ;)
Duo Theus 1 year ago
I think Im in love, a lovely awesome lady enjoying butt slaps. Sounds too good to be true
Kally 1 year ago
Oh, where to begin! Basically, you take most of my favorite kinks, and write great, hot stories in contexts I enjoy!
One of Us is one of the most stimulating reads I've had in a good, long time. I'm quite fond of A Walking the Woods, too, and I'm dying to read more of Snatched!
I'm still going through the rest. ;)
Renn Wolf 2 years ago
"One of Us" is the best. Thing. Ever. Love your stories and thank you for writing! ^w^
yadre 1 year ago
Very belated thanks for the kind comment :)
NickPanthera 2 years ago
Being a avid sex panther i'm always looking for hot stories and the work of Yarde is some of the best work I have seen
yadre 2 years ago
Aww, thanks :D
Mattyseum 2 years ago
I love the stories.. ;]
northern_fox 2 years ago
Hi there. Loved Wolf Incest. Wish I had a big brother like that.