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I guess i cant say im new anymore either since its sorta kinda been like a year and a half or so ^.^

I guess writing is my muse. ^^ Im working on my current series as well as a new one on the way.
Pokemon is my favorite to write about but maybe someday i'll expand a little. If you couldn't already tell Ninetales is my favorite Pokemon. Partly because its a Kitsune *gasp* no way!^^
I also LOVE Okami and wolves in general, Then again who doesn't? And the lack of Okami art on SF is unacceptable *hint hint* artists ^^
Im not really taking commisions or story requests right now but that could change later on as well. I'll keep you posted

As for likes and dislikes im pretty open. I don't dislike much, well except for twisted stuff like Vore, Scat, Diapers, Torture etc. But besides that Its pretty much ok since were all a little twisted right? x3

Please send me a message if you'd like to for any reason. And if you like any of my work send a comment my way and tell me what you think. Thanks :3
I recently tried to get a comision done
depicting my two new Vulpix Sister characters. But it didn't work out, leaving me in desperate need of an artist! Im not super rich. The past comission was going to be given as a free gift. Rare I know. But the artist had too much work and couldnt. But if anyone knows of an artist or if you are and artist who'd like to help me I'd be forever greatful! :3 Please contact me !
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Kiora 2 years ago
Love Ninetales myself. I draw Ninetails and other Pokemon when I have the card so I can draw them lol
Sininen 2 years ago
Brawler101 2 years ago
Thanks for the comment ^^ to tell you the truth the story is going to be tough considering I have another race I have to tie into as a threat towards both other races.
Peace Maker 2 years ago
Happy birthday Amber, wishing you well, always.

capthavoc123 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch!
Harumi 3 years ago
Thx Fur Watch!
Kurisune 3 years ago
LOVE your stories! :3 And Okami huh? Nostalgia much... well, not really, just rude drawings with celestial brushes. tehe
AmberWolf 3 years ago
Hahah rude drawings huh? You should've seen my face mask in Orochi's Cave it wasn't exactly rude but the facial expression I drew still makes me laugh. And you love my stories? Thanks a bunch hopefully you'll like my new series im working on too :3
Mikey Wolf 3 years ago
YAY! wolves are my fave animal and i LOVE Okami. (that last bead is hard to get from the blockhead in the north.) and hello.
AmberWolf 3 years ago
Haha tell me about it. Those beads are evil ^^
Mikey Wolf 3 years ago
yes they are but to have the ability to be unharmed during a battle is worth getting them. i think that is what you get once you have all the beads.
Angelonight 3 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving!
IceLeviathan 3 years ago
Thanx for the watch...XD