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About Nex_Canis

So, this is me!

Living in Australia at the moment so it may seem like my active times are a little weird to everyone else.

'Nex Canis' roughly translated to 'Death Dog' in latin.

Feel free to comment on my works! I take all criticism! I can only get better from it all!

Oh! My current avatar is done by avatar?user=16073&character=0&clevel=0 PsychoRam I didn't draw it!

If you like my work and are feeling generous, then please feel free to send me some tips!

It was given to me by my MATE: avatar?user=123690&character=0&clevel=0 Zeeme Check him out! His stories are awesome!


Remember: Nex->Draws=END OF WORLD!

species Wolf
gender male from Sydney, Australia
loves 69, Action, Adult likes Tentacles hates F/F, F/F/F, F/Herm
294 submissions 482,135 page views 9,397 comments received 2,694 comments posted 131,098 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Male Incest

Latest Journal posted 12 Apr 2014

Hey folks!

If you like my My Life is Super Story Series, why not mosey over to avatar?user=327823&character=0&clevel=0 ShadowRaptor's story Ballad of the Outsiders. It's a spinoff story based in the same universe.

Check it out here:

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CanadianDragon 1 week ago
Just so you know, I now have "Raise Me Up" stuck in my head, and am constantly battling a smile of joy and fluffiness...

*hugs Nex, and gives him a friendly smack on the shoulder*
anonimus938 2 weeks ago
Ok ,i've been reading your works for quite a while now , and i MUST say ...dude you are awsome every single character have a pretty developed psique and the reading is so fullfiling, the history is well developed and constructed so please ansuer me this ...What in the seven heavens are you majoring at? ...any ways i love your work you are in my top 3 writers ;3
Nex_Canis 2 weeks ago
It may surprise you that my major was actually in programming. Writing is just a hobby and self taught :)
anonimus938 1 week ago
Well you surprised me indeed , but any way if you ever release a novel or any kind of book lemme know (i may reead the whole phone if you where the writer XD)
auramasda 3 weeks ago
I'm curious to find the end game of the game 3, any news from that universe?
Mathanwy 1 month ago
Hey what happened to the my life is super update
Nex_Canis 1 month ago
What do you mean? I haven't deleted the submission. It still should be there
Mathanwy 1 month ago
I can't seem to find it, link?
Nex_Canis 1 month ago
Strange but here is the link:

You can also check out my stories link and it should be in the folders.
Mathanwy 1 month ago
Strangely I can view it on my computer but not my phone... that is kind of strange.
kittyboi1995 1 month ago
Nevermind, I just googled them. Can't find them otherwise though...
kittyboi1995 1 month ago
why does the survivor series go from #1 to #4?
CanadianDragon 2 months ago
Just finished finally reading "Incendius"! Wow! What a great ride! I put this one right up there on par with Jason Wolfe, and MLIS!

I can't wait for your next installment! :D
troubled 3 months ago
Hey I heard things have been getting crazy for ya. Hope you pull through :)!
Nex_Canis 3 months ago
Ah it's just lots of work and the crazies. Nothing too crippling! Thanks!
deerdigger 3 months ago
I must be getting cray, I can spy a psychoram art from a milr away.
crazyraider 3 months ago
This may seem random, but you wouldn't happen to listen to Voltaire, would you?
Nex_Canis 3 months ago
Hehe, sorry, nope :)
crazyraider 3 months ago
Just wondering, as that pic you have, the name is a line in one of the songs.