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Name: Zepher Blackbird


Race: Furdragon (And half scaled dragon though it doesn't show along with my being a anthro/feral hybrid. Meaning that one of my parents is a anthro (father) while the other is a feral (mother).)


Sex: Male


Sexuality: Straight


Description: I have black fur with green tribal like markings on my shoulders, hips and face. My tail has three green dimand shaped spots on it near the base and three green dimaonds on his wing arms. I have a frill of feathers on my head and a pair of large black feathered wings on my back and a long slender tail, with a athletic build. All of my primary feathers have a green tips. I have a

Height: 7'7"

Favourite Pasttimes: - Video Games, Books, Role Playing, Sometimes a Movie, Listening to Music (Including game music. I love Tribute vids on Youtube for games.)

Favourite Dessert: Alaskan Moose Tracks (fudge swirl and peanut butter mini-cups in smooth vanilla ice cream)
Favourite Meal: Subway sandwhiches. I love the Oven Roasted Chicken. ^^

Fur/Feather Colours: Black with Green tribal like markings on face, shoulders, hips, tail and wing arms.
Notable Features:Bat like head, snout, feet and ears with two slightly curved horns on the back of my head and four small cheek horns, two on each side, on the lower back part of my jaw. I have blue eyes and a single tooth sticking out on the left side of my mouth.
Catchphrase: - "Life is only as good as the people you spend it with."
Country of Birth: Germany - I'm English (Sadly i cant speak German. :( I SOOO wanted to learn it!)




I LOVE Dragons and espicaly furdragons. I also love RPing, i do a lot of that ^^, and Warhammer 40K. I'm also a Battlefield fan. I write poems and I "might" start writing stories though im a bit slow on that. Ok i'm VERY slow on it.


I spend a good deal of time on this site and on AIM chating and RPing with my friends. I also sometimes do that on Skype but i don't like it cause its a bit of a pain with connection issues. I love to RP cause i love leting my mind wander into the realm of imagination and just seeing where it leads. My fursona Zepher Blackbird, is like me, or so i'm told baised on what my friends have told me. I have a tendincy to think of myself as him and think from his POV to the point where i am him. While i know such a thing does seem like i'm over doing it its just the way i am.


I'm always open about talking about anything, nothing bothers me. I enjoy talking to others and helping out my friends. I love making friends ^^ I tend to think of people i just meat as my friend right off the bat.

species FurDragon
gender male
loves 69, Aeromorph, Alien likes Anthromorphic, Aqua Sex, Bodypaint
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Latest Journal posted 21 Sep 2012

A friend of mine, and myself, have started a Rp on the threads here called Tiberium Rebirth. Heres a rundown of just the RP and what its about.

Three years after the events of Tiberium Twilight,  GDI has begun working their way into Yellow Zones and trying to re-establish civilisation where only war and the Brotherhood had formally been. The Brotherhood of Nod, now lacking a leader, fragments into various factions and some infighting occurs over who should be the next leader of the Brotherhood. With many abandoning the Brotherhood altogether, GDI moves and seizes many weakened Nod positions and abandoned Nod facilities sparking anger among those still following the Brotherhood. Both sides, still playing a "Hearts and Minds" war in the Yellow Zones for support of the population, often draw each other into violent clashes resulting in high casualties on both sides. However, Nod, in its fragmented state, is unable to sustain long engagements or campaigns and so can only hinder GDI progress.

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This Place called Home
by Annoth    1 year ago    


MechaChick 1 week ago
Thank you kindly for the vote.
Annoth 6 days ago
Thank you for posting your awesome art work for others to see^^
KSapphire8989 3 weeks ago
Thank you so much for voting.
Annoth 3 weeks ago
Your welcome^^
Winter Raptor 4 weeks ago
You're a dragon! Made entirely out of fur!! :O
Annoth 3 weeks ago
Yup^^ I'm a Furdragon from the Blackbird Clan. main distinct features are black fur and feathers, bat like head and bat like feet. Also sometimes we like to hang up side down from the ceiling. ^^
Winter Raptor 3 weeks ago
Oh yeah? Well...well...!

I'm an oversized chicken, from the Feathersquawkers Clan! Main distinct features being this!
*places twig on crest, then "crestapults" it off* ^_^

I can't hang from the ceiling, but sometimes I fall from branches instead.
Annoth 3 weeks ago
We also have Bat like ears and can use echo location and move our ears around. And they make us look cuter^^
Winter Raptor 3 weeks ago
I don't even *have* ears! :(
Annoth 3 weeks ago
*smiles and moves them around* Hehe^^
Winter Raptor 3 weeks ago
*tugs the big batty ears*
Annoth 3 weeks ago
*Chuckles* ^^
zanian 1 month ago
thank you for the vote ^-^
Annoth 1 month ago
Your welcome ^-^
Smexy Oryx 2 months ago
Thanks for voting!
Annoth 2 months ago
Your welcome^^
MooseAntlers 2 months ago
Thank you so much for the vote! C: Means a lot to me! Your artwork is stunning! <8D
Annoth 2 months ago
Your welcome, but I can't take credit for the art I have posted, its not mine. I say so in my description of them. They were done by my friend Dan years ago. Well apart from the two newest pic's I have posted
MooseAntlers 2 months ago
Aww well they're still really cool :D
Annoth 2 months ago
Yeah Thanks^^
hattonslayden 2 months ago
and now thanks for the faves
Annoth 2 months ago
lol your always welcome^^
hattonslayden 2 months ago
thanks for the up votes
Annoth 2 months ago
Your welcome^^
Volcan Skilerain 2 months ago
Thanks for all the votes and favorites :D
Annoth 2 months ago
Your welcome for the vote and fav bomb^^
Hawke 2 months ago
Thank you for the vote. Very happy you liked the story ^^
Annoth 2 months ago
Your welcome^^